Issues of Legal Regulation of Information and Communication Field

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.E.054
Credits: 5.00
Department: Administrative and Informational Law
Lecturer: Krykavska I.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes: - be able to to collect, integrate analysis and generalization of materials from various sources, including scientific and professional literature, databases, digital, statistical, test and others, and to check them for authenticity, use learning modern research methods; - be able to generate new ideas and use modern technologies in the provision of legal services; - to have practical skills in solving problems related to the implementation of procedural functions this subject of law enforcement; - to participate productively in the development of draft regulations, to substantiate the social conditionality of their adoption, to predict the results of their impact on relevant public relations; - be able to andintegrate the necessary knowledge and solve complex law enforcement problems into different ones areas of professional activity; - be able toto understand the problems of legal regulation of information and communication sphere sand; - ability to critically comprehend problems in the field and on the border of the field of knowledge; - ability to integrate knowledge and solve complex problems in broad or multidisciplinary contexts; - with understood unambiguous communication of own knowledge, conclusions and arguments to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students; - management of workflows or initial processes that are complex, unpredictable and require new strategic approaches.
Required prior and related subjects: Administrative Law Information law Legal support of information security
Summary of the subject: The work program of the discipline involves the study of issues regulatory and legal regulation: legal regimes of information and information resources; formation and implementation of information and legal relations in the information and communication sphere; information security of information resources; restriction of access to information by providers; information systems; relationships formed during the use of cloud computing; ensuring information security and security of information resources. The problems of information culture and information ethics, corporate and departmental regulation in the national information space and in information and communication networks, including social networks, the characteristics of the legal nature of information relations from the standpoint of philosophy and sociology of law, features of the institutional structure of legal regulation of information. communication sphere, the hierarchy of sources of information international law, key features of the use of information technology in public administration.
Assessment methods and criteria: Methods of diagnosing academic success, forms of measuring the level of knowledge acquisition in the discipline are: - oral examination in practical classes; - presentation at practical classes (with an abstract, report, discussion, etc .; - testing students' knowledge on the relevant topic of the lecture course; - written test (answers to the questions of the lecture course, solving practical problems, test tasks, etc.). Criteria for evaluating student learning outcomes: Current control - 40 points Exam - 60 points In total for the discipline - 100 points.
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