Proof in Criminal Proceedings

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.E.035
Credits: 5.00
Department: Criminal Law and Procedure
Lecturer: Professor Kantsir Volodymyr
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: RN 3. Collect, integrated analysis and generalization of materials from various sources, including scientific and professional literature, databases, digital, statistical, test and others, and verify their authenticity using modern research methods. RN 6. It is reasonable to formulate one's legal position, to be able to oppose, evaluate evidence and present convincing arguments. RN 11. Use advanced knowledge and techniques in the process of lawmaking and law enforcement institutions of public and private law and criminal justice. RN 14. To substantiate the legal position at different stages of law enforcement.
Required prior and related subjects: Workshop on preparation of procedural documents; Current issues of criminal law and procedure (judicial practice); Fundamentals of criminal law qualification.
Summary of the subject: The concept of the content of the theory of proof in criminal proceedings. The concept and characteristics of evidence. Classification of evidence. The concept and classification of sources of evidence. Digital (electronic) sources of evidence. Subject and limits of proof in criminal proceedings. Concepts and stages of the proof process. The concept, nature and classification of investigative and judicial versions. Participants in the evidence in criminal proceedings. Protection of evidence in criminal proceedings. Evidence in criminal proceedings at the stage of pre-trial investigation. Evidence during court proceedings. Features of evidence in criminal proceedings for certain categories of cases. It is based on the generalization of investigative, judicial, prosecutorial and lawyer (human rights) practice.
Assessment methods and criteria: Methods of diagnosing academic success, forms of measuring the level of knowledge acquisition in the discipline are: - oral examination in practical (seminar) classes; - presentation at practical (seminar) classes (with an abstract, report, discussion, etc.); - testing students' knowledge on the relevant topic of the lecture course; - written test (answers to theoretical questions, solving practical problems (cases), test tasks, etc.); - performance and protection of individual research task; - form of final control: differentiated credit. The final control of the level of students' knowledge is the conduct of a differentiated test, the results of which are set and equivalent to the total number of points for all types of student work during the semester. The tasks include: - test tasks of different levels of difficulty, - theoretical issue of normative or problematic nature. Current control (PC) - 40 points: practical (seminar) classes, work in VNS, control work - 24 points; scientific research tasks, abstracts, reports, draft decisions, scientific publications, participation in business or simulation games, conferences, Olympiads, etc. - 16 points. Semester (final) control (60 points) - exam: test tasks of different levels of complexity, incidental tasks (tasks), theoretical questions (normative, problem, discussion direction). Written (50 points) and oral (10 points) components.
Recommended books: Доказування у кримінальному провадженні: курс лекцій. [О. О. Бондаренко, Г. І. Глобенко, В. В. Романюк та ін.]; за заг. ред. д-ра юрид. наук, проф. О. О Юхна. Харків: ХНУВС. 2018. 156 с. Вапнярчук В. В. Теоретичні основи кримінального процесуального доказування. Національний юридичний університет ім. Ярослава Мудрого. Храків. 2018. 492 с. URL: Несінов О. М. «Складові успіху в кримінальному процесі». Харків. «Права Людини». 2019. 624 с. URL: Туркот М.С., Столітній А.В., Шмаленя С.В., Снігар М.І. Кримінальний процесуальний кодекс України з постатейними матеріалами практики Конституційного Суду України, Верховного Суду України та Верховного Суду, Вищого спеціалізованого суду України з розгляду цивільних і кримінальних справ. К.: Норма права. 2020. 1504 с. Кримінальний процес України: навч. посібник. За заг. ред. проф. В. С. Канціра. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2020. 444 с. Доказове право: навч. посібник. За заг. ред. проф. В. С. Канціра. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2021.