Legal Representation

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.E.030
Credits: 5.00
Department: Civil Law and Procedure
Lecturer: О. Baik
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Know: history of the formation of procedural representation; notions, signs and objectives of procedural representation; the content and limits of the institution of procedural representation and its distinction from the institution of representation in the civil process; types of procedural representation; legal status of participants in procedural representation, their rights and responsibilities, conditions and types of responsibility; powers of representatives in the civil process; conflicts and gaps in procedural representation in civil proceedings. Be able to: apply legal concepts and categories that characterize the procedural representation; to interpret and correctly apply the legal norms regulating legal relations in the procedural representation; draft drafts of procedural documents; carry out analytical work, independently work with educational and special literature.
Required prior and related subjects: Civil process; Workshop on Civil Proceedings.
Summary of the subject: Objective: formation of knowledge about procedural representation in civil legal proceedings, studying the theory of civil procedural law, analysis of legislation on legal regulation of procedural representation.
Assessment methods and criteria: Validated oral interviews on practical classes; presentation on practical classes with a lecture, a report, participation in a discussion, etc.; Testing students' knowledge on the topic of the lecture course; written control work (answers to the questions of the lecture course, the solution of practical tasks, exercises, etc.); protection of individual tasks; homework assignment, exam.
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