Introductory Specialty Course

Major: Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Code of subject: 6.185.00.O.001
Credits: 7.00
Department: Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Welding
Lecturer: Khomych I.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Know the basic concepts of the process of oil and gas production and transportation. 2. Know the structure of facilities that provide transportation of oil and gas products.
Required prior and related subjects: 1. Fundamentals of designing oil and gas facilities 2.Oil and gas equipment
Summary of the subject: To acquaint students with the history, actual state, prospects of development of oil and gas industry, objects of transport, storage and constructions of oil and gas, requirements for registration of text documents.
Assessment methods and criteria: 1. Execution and protection of laboratory reports 2.Final test (70 %, exam: written-oral form ).
Recommended books: 1.The basics of the oil and gas business. Textbook / L.D. Pilipov - Ivano-Frankivsk: IFNTUNG. - 2011. - 312 p. 2. Pipeline transportation of oil and petroleum products. Textbook / M.D. Seredyuk Y.V. Yakimov, V.P. Lisafin - Ivano-Frankivsk, 2001- 517 p.