Interchangability, Standardization and Engineering Measurements

Major: Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Code of subject: 6.185.00.O.016
Credits: 3.50
Lecturer: Ph.D. Associate Professor Lytvyniak Yaroslav
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. To understand and know the scientific and organizational, methodological principles of interchangeability, the basics of standardization, the reasonable choice of parameters and technical requirements for product accuracy, the selection and practical application of methods and means of technical measurements and control 2. To know the scientific, technical and economic basis for the construction and the use of a single system of tolerances and landings in combination with technical measurements at the enterprises of the machine-building industry 3. Know the basic methods of stan-dardization and quality management of products. 4. To analyze the impact of the pa-rameters of the product and its parts on the reasonable development of re-quirements for the accuracy of the di-mensions of the main parts when ob-taining standard connections in the products (smooth cylindrical, threaded, keyed, etc.), to analyze and evaluate the impact of the size tolerances on product quality and its parts, correctly assign parameters of accuracy of de-tails (tolerances of the sizes, the form and an arrangement, parameters of roughness, etc.), to carry out qualita-tive registration of the design docu-mentation concerning the basic norms of interchangeability 5. To make the reasonable choice of measurement’s schemes of parameters of geometrical accuracy of the sizes, a mutual arrangement of constructive elements of details and a choice of the corresponding means of technical measurements 6. To apply methods of the analysis of technical control results and to develop recommendations for quality design, manufacture and repair of products in accordance with established technical requirements
Required prior and related subjects: Pre-requisites: Higher mathematics Physics Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics Technical mechanics. Part 1 Co-requisites: Materials science and technology of construction materials Oil and gas equipment Technical mechanics. Part 2, Part 3. Diagnosis of oil and gas complex structures Restoration of shut-off and control equipment Quality control of oil and gas facilities Pumps and compressor stations
Summary of the subject: Introduction to the discipline Dimensions and connections in mechanical engineering Interchangeability, standardization, methods and means of control for smooth cylindrical connections Parameters of accuracy for manufacturing of parts. Standardization, methods and means of control of deviations of geometrical parameters Tolerances and landings of details at installation of rolling bearings Interchangeability, accuracy standardization, methods and means of control for smooth conical joints and angles Basic norms of interchangeability, standardization of accuracy, methods and means of control for threaded connections Basic norms of interchangeability, accuracy standardization, methods and means of control for gears Basic norms of interchangeability, standardization of accuracy, methods and means of control for keyed and multiple-splined connections Dimensional chains. Methods for solving dimensional chains Basic concepts about the metrology and technical measurements Scientific and methodological bases of standardization. Quality of industrial products. Basic concepts of certification.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: 20 points (20%): laboratory works; 20 points (20%): execution of calculation work; 60 points (60%): theoretical material (test)
Recommended books: 1. Базієвський С.Д., Дмитришин В.В. Взаємозамінність, стандартизація та технічні вимірювання . Підручник. – К.: Либідь, 2004. - 504 с. 2. Бичківський Р.В., Гамула П.Р. Метрологія, стандартизація управління якістю і сертифікація. Навчальний посібник. – Львів. Видавництво Національ-ного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2004. – 536 с. 3. Гаврилюк З.І., Кукляк М.Л. Взаємозамінність, стандартизація і технічні вимірювання. - К.: Вища школа, 1998, 216 с. 4. Желязна А.О., Кирилович В.А. Основи взаємозамінності, стандартиза-ції та технічних вимірювань: Навч.посібник.-Житомир:ЖІТІ, 2002.- 616 с. 5. Кирилюк Ю.Є., Якимук Г.С. Взаємозамінність, стандартизація та тех-нічні вимірювання. - К. Основа, 2003. – 218 с. 6. Когут М.С. та ін. Основи взаємозамінності, стандартизації, сертифіка-ції, акредитації та технічні вимірювання: Підручник / М.С.Когут, Н.М.Лебідь, О.В.Білоус, І.Є.Кравець. – Львів: Світ, 2010. – 528 с.