Major: Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Code of subject: 6.185.00.O.029
Credits: 3.00
Department: Philosophy
Lecturer: Dr., Prof. Svitlana Povtoreva
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: The goals of the study: the goals of the study in Philosophy is to acquaint students with ideas and original texts of famous representatives of philosophy; to orient the students regarding actual problems of contemporary philosophy; to teach students how to use philosophical analysis in order to resolve the problem of a human being and science; to demonstrate the deep similarity between philosophy, science and arts. As a result of studying the students must know: - social and historical meaning of philosophy and particularities of world-view knowledge; - main periods of philosophy’s development, causes and conditions of emergence of different philosophical paradigms; - main ideas of the famous philosophers and their values for European civilization; - main problems of philosophy and its vital significance. - The meaning of the basic philosophical terminology. Be able: - to correlate and analyze advantages and mistakes of main philosophical point of views. - to compare scientific and philosophical vision of certain problems; - to analyze well-known collected fragments of philosophical books; - to analyze the problems of life using the philosophical categories and concepts; - to formulate and articulate own philosophical position concerning world-view issues.
Required prior and related subjects: History of European Civilization and Ukrainian Culture, History of Ukraine, Sociology
Summary of the subject: Philosophy as intellectual form of a human activity, Ancient Philosophy (India, China, Greece), Medieval Philosophy and Philosophy of the Renaissance, Philosophy of Modern Times, German Classical Philosophy, the Transition from Classical to Non-Classical Philosophy, Philosophy of XX –XXI centuries, Ukrainian Philosophy, The Problem of Being in Philosophy, Consciousness as Philosophical Problem, Cognition and Knowledge: Their Structure and Dynamics, A Human Being as the Subject of Philosophical Reflection, Philosophy of History, Social Philosophy, The Philosophical Issues of Contemporary Culture and Civilization.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (40%): oral examination, tests, reports. - Final control (60%): exam
Recommended books: 1. Petrushenko V.L. Filosofia: Kurs lektsij. Navchal’nyj posibnyk dla studentiv vyschych navchal’nych zakladiv III-IV rivniv akredetatsij. – L’viv, 2008. 2. Hysev V. I. Zakhidna filosofia Novoho chasu. XVII-XVIII. – Kyiv, 2000. 3. Hors’kyj V. S. Istoria ukrajins’koji filosofii. – Kyiv, 2001. 4. Furst M., Trinks Ju. Filosofia. Perek. z nim. Vakhtanga Kebuladze. Kyiv: DUKH I LITERA, 2018. - 554 s. 4. Skraton R. Korotka istoria novitn’oji filosopfii. – Kyiv, 1998. 5. Tatarkevych V. Istoria filosofii. T.1-3. – L’viv, 1998-1999. 6. Chyzevs’kyj D. Narysu istorii filosofii na Ukrajini. – Kyiv, 1991.