Metrological Ensuring of Technological Processes

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Code of subject: 7.131.03.E.22
Credits: 4.00
Lecturer: Lytvyniak Yaroslav
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. To carry out measures on organization of technical control on a machine-building enter-prise and metrology providing of manufacturing processes of making wares with the necessary ra-tioned indexes of quality in purveying and industrial production; 2. To use the methods of statistical treatment results of control and their application for process control of making wares. 3. To know and realize the basic requirements from the observance rules of accident preven-tion at technical control. 4. To carry out the analysis influence of basic indexes of exactness details on the functional indexes of good and his parts; 5. To ground technical requirements to exactness of basic typical connections and their component parts in the wares of engineer; 6. To carry out a synthesis and reasonable choice of optimal control charts of details, develop control methodologies, create the rational constructions of controls for corresponding productive terms at providing of rational technical and economics descriptions of wares that is made; 7. To apply the methods of analysis of control results and develop recommendations for making of wares in obedience to the set technical requirements; able to design technological docu-mentation from productive control.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous disciplines Probability theory and mathematical statistics Interchange ability, standardization and technical measuring Manufacturing bases of engineering industry Exploitation and maintenance of machines Technologies of machine-assembly production Information technologiesof preproduction engineering industry enterprise Scientific researches in technology engineer
Summary of the subject: Aim and task of discipline study. A role and place of the technical measuring and productive control are in providing of quality for products. Quality management of products and her metrology providing. Organization of technical control is on a production. Services of technical control of enterprises. Types of technical control. Facilities and control methods, their description. Choice of facilities and control methods. The parameters control of exactness blanking production wares. Control castings, forges , die forging blanks. Types of defects and ways of their prevention. Control of details quality is from plastics. Control of bench-works quality (filing, scraping, grinding in, marking out). Types of shortage are at metalwork treatment. Control of welding works quality. De-fects of weld-fabricated unities, control methods, ways of shortage prevention or his removal. The metrology providing of exactness is at tooling. Parameters of exactness treatment. Methods and types of control, shortage at machining, his expo-sure and analysis. Control of typical surfaces and details - flat surfaces, smooth cylindrical surfaces, threaded, castle-type and others like that surfaces, admittances of form and location of surfaces and of details elements, roughness of surfaces. Mechanization and automation of control, active control are on a production. The metrology providing of wares quality is at implementation of frame-clamping operations. Control of quality of frame-clamping operations is at the receipt of typical connections. Test of typical wares of machine-assembly production. Balancing of details. Control of the dynamic phe-nomena is at a test. Control of strengthening and protective coverings. Methods and facilities of jigging of defects of heat treatment. Control of quality of metallic (galvanic and others like that) polymeric coverings. Check and measuring meters and machine-assembly capital goods. Constructing of control facilities. Setting of control and measuring facilities. A choice of measuring method is at planning of facilities and devices of control. Measuring devices. Elements of basing and fixing of control devices, directing elements, transmission mechanisms, power shorting, from" capacious details. General recommendations are from constructing of control devices. Efficiency of application of control devices. Working of results of measuring. Statistical methods of control. Treatment of measuring results and their analysis. Processing of checking technological documents. Application of control and measuring facilities. Storage and check of control and measuring facilities. Basic rules and requirements are from a la-bour protection at technical control.
Assessment methods and criteria: Diagnosis of knowledge of the students is in the following ways: 1. Protection of reports to laboratory work is conducted orally through a survey of theoretical material on the topic of work and methodology of work. 2. Protection of control work conducted orally by a survey on the subject of control. 3. Conduct offset by the results of the discipline is made in writing tasks consist of three-level theoretical and practical problems. Current control - 30 points (composed, laboratory work - 10 points, reference work - 20 points); Competitive Control - 70 points; Estimation of the total - 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Когут М.С. та ін. Основи взаємозамінності, стандартизації, сертифікації, акредитації та технічні вимірювання: Підручник / М.С.Когут, Н.М.Лебідь, О.В.Білоус, І.Є.Кравець. – Львів: Світ, 2010. – 528 с. 2. Дорожовець М. Опрацювання результатів вимірювань: Навч. посібник. – Львів: Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007. – 624 с. 3. Бичківський Р.В., Гамула П.Р. Метрологія, стандартизація управління якістю і сертифікація. Навчальний посібник. – Львів. Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2004. – 536 с. 4. Шаповал М.І. Основи стандартизації, управління якістю і сертифіка-ції. Підручник. – К.: Європ. ун-т фінансів, інформ. систем, менеджм. і бізнесу, 2003.-174 с.