Technology of Field Assembly (курсовий проект)

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Code of subject: 7.131.03.E.25
Credits: 3.00
Lecturer: Stupnytskyy Vadym
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. To know the scientific-organizational and technological methods of ensuring the accuracy of the connections. 2. To analyze the influence of input parameters on the assembly technology. 3.Calculate and substantiate the requirements for the accuracy of the basic typical connections and their constituent parts in mechanical engineering. 4. Analyze and evaluate the influence of the structure and parameters of the technological process on the productivity of production and the accuracy of structures.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous disciplines: Resistance of materials; Production process of metals, construction materials and physical metallurgy; Details of machines. Concomitant disciplines: Manufacturing engineering production; Interchangeability, standardization and technical measuring.
Summary of the subject: 1. Ensuring the accuracy of assembly products. 2. Preparation of parts for assembly. 3. Washing and application of protective materials. 4. Assembling fixed couplings. 5. Assembly of fixed couplings 6. Formation of typical units of machines and mechanisms 7. Assembling knots with bearings of sliding. 8. Assembling nodes with roller bearings. 9. Formation of gear and worm gears 10. Balancing products after assembly.
Assessment methods and criteria: Preliminary control - 30 points. Final control - 70 points. General estimation - 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Kalpakjian S. Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology /S. Kalpakjian, S. Schmid. – London: Pearson Education South Asia,2013. – 1180 с. 2. Laplante P. A. Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology / P. A. Laplante. – Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2000. – 560 3. Lingaiah K. Machine Design Databook / K. Lingaiah. – New York :McGraw-Hill Education, 2003. – 1282 p.