Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Code of subject: 7.131.03.O.21
Credits: 4.50
Lecturer: The heads of qualification works are teachers of the department of mechanical engineering with the scientific degrees of the candidate and doctor of sciences, who are on the positions of assistant professor and professor of the department. Qualification consultants may be teachers of adjacent departments who specialize in issues that need to be highlighted in the relevant sections of the explanatory note of the work.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • the ability to develop a technical task for the design of parts, the average complexity of mechanisms and components of equipment in the industry. • the ability to design simple (typical) parts, mechanisms, nodes for the equipment of the industry, with the appropriate calculations and simulation on the PC. • the ability to use the existing and the ability to develop new means of automation of production processes and their control systems. • the ability to design equipment in the industry with the use of hydropneumatic, vacuum, refrigeration and hydro and pneumatic drives. • the ability to participate in the development of optimal technological processes for the manufacture of products aimed at ensuring the high quality of mechanical engineering products. • the ability to perform technical and organizational support (technological preparation of production) for the manufacture of mechanisms and components of technological equipment. • the ability to install and put into operation, control the operation, technical and organizational support for the diagnostic and maintenance work of the main and auxiliary equipment of the industry. • the ability to conduct experimental studies in laboratory and production conditions.
Required prior and related subjects: Professionally-oriented, special, fundamental, socio-economic and humanitarian disciplines are provided by the curriculum of the corresponding specialty.
Summary of the subject: Determined by the topic of qualifying work: • research work on the improvement and construction of the technological processes of the respective industries and assembly of machines and mechanisms; • organizational and technical maintenance of operation of machine-building complexes; • modeling of technical systems; • conducting experimental research in systems with objects of logical equipment; • application of mathematical methods of planning and processing of experimental results; • scientific substantiation of efficient systems of operation of equipment and their optimization.
Assessment methods and criteria: The qualifying work consists of an explanatory note and a graphic part. The completed qualifying work is subject to mandatory review and public defense before the examination commission in the form of a report to the members of the commission and answers to the questions of the members of the examination commission and those present in the defense. The examination commission consists of the chairman and members of the commission. The chairman of the commission is a specialist in this field, not an employee of the department, usually a person from the management of one of the key enterprises of Lviv. The members of the commission are the staff of the department and consultants on the sections of the explanatory note of the qualification work.
Recommended books: Literature is determined by the topic of qualification work (textbooks, manuals, design and technological documentation, atlases of constructions, directories, Internet resources, etc.).