Experimental Research of Wheeled Vehicles and Systems

Major: Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles
Code of subject: 7.133.01.E.25
Credits: 3.00
Department: Automotive Engineering
Lecturer: Grand Ph.D., associate professor Orest Horbay
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • know the value of testing in the process of development, production and operation of cars and tractors and their aggregates and units; principles, methods and equipment used for testing units and assemblies of cars and tractors; • be able to plan experiments and to carry out processing of test results
Required prior and related subjects: • Fundamentals of vehicle and tractor structure; • Design and calculation of vehicles; • Vehicles Testing
Summary of the subject: Statistical processing of experimental results. Design of experiments when testing cars. Testing of units of the car for reliability. The technological base of tests. Test the car on the ecological safety. Test transmissions. Testing of control systems. Test of brake systems. Testing of the vehicle chassis. Testing of bearing systems. Tests for passive safety.
Assessment methods and criteria: • writing reports from practical lesson, oral examination (30%) • final control (70% control measure, exam), written-oral form (70%).
Recommended books: 1. Цимбалин В.В. и др. Испытания автомобилей - М.: Машиностроение, 1973. 2. Гришкевич А.И. Испытания автобилей - Минск, Вышейша школа. 1990. 3. Левшина Е.С., Новицкий П.В., Электрические измерения физических величин. -Л.: Энергоатомиздат, 1983.