Composite Materials Casting Technologies

Major: Metallurgy
Code of subject: 7.136.01.M.14
Credits: 5.00
Department: Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Lecturer: Assос. professor, PhD. Tepla Tetiana
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - know the classification of composite materials, the main types of dies and fillers used in the manufacture of composite castings; - be able to choose the technology of casting products from composite materials in accordance with the specified operating conditions; - to know the properties and features of technologies of production of products from powder and composite materials - be able to choose the optimum properties of composite materials, taking into account economic factors for their industrial use; - be able to select and calculate the basic physico-mechanical and performance characteristics in cast products of composite materials; - be able to choose the science-based and most effective technological processes for the production of blanks and products from powders and composites;  - be able to calculate the basic parameters of the technological process of obtaining the original components and products from powders and composites.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Production of castings by special methods of casting. Theoretical foundations of foundry production. Co-requisites: Defects in casting. Increasing the life of cast products.
Summary of the subject: General characteristics and classification of composite materials. The main components of powder composite materials. Types of matrices and enhancers, their properties. Methods of obtaining products from composite materials. Application of composite materials.
Assessment methods and criteria: - written reports on laboratory work - 20 points; - abstract and presentation on the topic of the abstract - 20 points; - final control (exam) - 50 points, - oral examination - 10 points.
Recommended books: 1. Advanced composite materials / Louis A. Pilato, Michael J. Michno. Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1994. 2. В. Копань. Композиційні матеріали: навчальні посібники / К. : Пульсари, 2004. - 196 с. 3. Стабільність композиционных материалов / И. М. Спиридонова, А. Д. Панасюк, Е. В. Суховая, А. П. Уманский / Днепропетровск : Свидлер А. Л., 2011. Опис 244 с. : іл., табл.