The Organization and Monitoring of the Distribution in Transport

Major: Motor Vehicle Transport
Code of subject: 7.274.01.M.17
Credits: 5.00
Department: Department of Motor Vehicle Transport
Lecturer: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Bohdan Kindratskyy
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - know the tasks and functions of distribution, types of distribution channels and chains; functions and purpose of information systems, methods of marking and identification of goods; structure and processes in logistics centers, types of distribution funds and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of distribution. - be able to plan distribution networks, apply information systems, technological processes in logistics centers, methods of evaluating their effectiveness.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisite: - Basics of logistics - Organization of road transport - co-requisite: no
Summary of the subject: Distribution and its elements. Distribution channels. Distribution chain elements. Information systems in the distribution process. Identification of goods. Logistics centers. Distribution process. Distribution funds.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (30%): oral examination, defense of control work, performance of practical tasks; - written testing (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Sour VM, Belovodskaya OA, Olifirenko OM, Smolyanyk OM Logistics: Theory and practice: Textbook. way. - К .: ЦУЛ, 2010. - 360 с. 2. Yurinets VE Fundamentals of logistics: Textbook. pos. - Lviv: Ivan Franko Lviv National University Publishing Center, 2012. - 211 p. 3. Dybskaya VV, Zaitsev EI, Sergeev VI, Stirlingova AN Logistics. - M. Exmo, 2013. - 944 p. - (Full MBA course). 4. Войчак А.В. Current trends in the development of distribution channels // Marketing in Ukraine. - 2000. - №2. - P. 42-43.