Master’s Thesis Preparation

Major: Motor Vehicle Transport
Code of subject: 7.274.01.O.20
Credits: 18.00
Department: Department of Motor Vehicle Transport
Lecturer: The heads of the Master's qualification works are the teachers of the department of operation and repair of motor vehicles.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: At the final stage of study, students of the educational qualification level of a master's degree defend the master's qualification work, which must: - to certify the appropriate level of preparedness of the student - the future master's - from the disciplines envisaged by the educational-professional program of the master of specialty "Automobile Transport"; - demonstrate skills, theoretical knowledge and ability to use them for solving technical problems; - to show the level of mastering it by the legislative and normative-methodical basis; - the ability to draw up the results of the research in a coherent document, formulate conclusions.
Required prior and related subjects: Pre-requisite: all disciplines are provided by the educational-professional program of the master's of specialty "Automobile Transport" Curriculum: Practice in Master's Thesis
Summary of the subject: Master's qualification work is carried out on the basis of study of the relevant normative base, domestic and foreign literature on the specialty (textbooks, manuals, monographs, periodicals, etc.). In carrying out the work, materials of practice on the topic of Master's qualification work are used. Terms of work are set by the curriculum. The approximate volume of the bachelor qualification is 60-80 pages of computer text without appendixes. The structure of the Master's qualification is as follows: an explanatory note form; task; Summary; content; a list of symbols (if necessary); introduction; main part; conclusions; references; applications.
Assessment methods and criteria: The performance and defense of the Master's qualification work are assessed by the EC members in a closed meeting by open ballot by a simple majority of the members of the commission who participated in its meeting. In determining the assessment takes into account the level of theoretical, scientific and practical training of the student. The defense of qualifying works is assessed on the ECTS scale and translated into a 100-point scale, at the lower values of this scale. Each member of the DAC assesses the quality of the Master's qualification work on the main criteria set forth in the methodological guidelines for the implementation of the master's qualification work. The average score is considered to be the final assessment of the protection of the master's qualification and is translated into a national scale.
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