Improving Road Safety

Major: Traffic Control and Organization
Code of subject: 7.275.02.O.003
Credits: 4.00
Department: Transport Technologies
Lecturer: Rogalskyy R.B.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of teaching the discipline is for students to acquire knowledge about the influence of road conditions on the safety of traffic of vehicles and pedestrians. The tasks solved by students in the process of studying the discipline allow them to form an idea about the operation of the road and the conditions for its safe functioning. The study of the discipline is aimed at ensuring convenient and safe conditions for the movement of vehicles at the stage of road design, when the necessary areas are reserved and staged development of the road is foreseen.
Завдання: 1. Ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources (GC3); 2. The ability to evaluate and ensure the quality of performed works (GC6); 4. Ability to research and manage the functioning of transport systems and technologies; (PC1); 5. Ability to manage freight transportation by types of transport; (PC5); 6. Ability to manage passenger transportation by types of transport; (PC6); 7. Ability to manage the reliability and efficiency of transport systems and technologies (PC8); 8. The ability to conduct an examination of transport accidents by type of transport (PC9) 9. Ability in the conditions of the traffic safety department of the enterprise to determine areas of activity to improve traffic safety (PCS 1.2); 10. The ability to execute necessary documents during expert analysis of road traffic events and a complex of claims and lawsuit operations (PCS 1.3); 11. The ability to increase the level of road safety based on the existing requirements of international and national legislation (PCS 2.3).
Learning outcomes: RS5 Ensure the safety of people and the environment during professional activities and implementation of projects in the field of transport systems and technologies; RS6 Develop new and improve existing transport systems and technologies, determine development goals, existing limitations, performance criteria and areas of use; RS12 Manage complex technological and production processes of transport systems and technologies, including unpredictable and those that require new strategic approaches; RS16 Evaluate existing and develop progressive methods of researching transport processes.
Required prior and related subjects: • Traffic management • Technical means of traffic management • Information support of traffic management
Summary of the subject: During the study of this academic discipline, the student acquires theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to improve road safety, based on the results of various studies of traffic indicators and forecasting the development of transport systems. Here, the expediency and optimality of using various means and methods of regulating the movement of its participants, in particular, the use of automated traffic control systems, are considered in detail. The entire complex of such information meets the requirements of current norms and standards, as well as progressive modern methods of improving the traffic environment.
Опис: Interconnection elements of the road and road safety. Characteristic elements of roads layout. Road safety on curves in plan and profile. Environmental aspects of road safety. Methods for assessment dangerous road sections. Assessment of constructive parameters of road by methods of safety coeficients and acceleration noise. Method conflict situations. Organization of measures to improve the safety of road conditions. Improving indicators of pedestrian traffic safety. Management of vehicle speed. Regulation of using width of roadway by drivers. Operative informing road users about road conditions. Measures of provision road safety.
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports of practical works, spoken examination, control work; • final control (60%, control event, exam): writing-spoken mode (40%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Defense of reports for practical works in oral form by surveying the theoretical material on the topic of the work and the method of calculations (35 points); Examination control (65 points).
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