CargoShipments and Documentation

Major: Traffic Control and Organization
Code of subject: 7.275.02.O.005
Credits: 5.00
Department: Transport Technologies
Lecturer: PhD, associate Prof. Maksym Afonin
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Freely discuss in state and foreign languages issues of professional activity, projects, and research in the field of transport systems and technologies orally and in writing; • To develop technologies of freight and passenger transportations by types of transport based on research and relevant data; • Investigate the impact of customs procedures on the efficiency of transport technologies; • Develop and apply modern technologies of freight forwarding services; • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of supply chains and logistics centers, perform calculations of relevant indicators; • Organize staff work and ensure their professional development and objective evaluation.
Required prior and related subjects: • Transport Economics • Traffic Flows Forecasting • Simulation Of Cargo Delivery Systems
Summary of the subject: Legal features of the forwarder's work in the international market. Registration and use of forwarding documents. Structure of forwarding companies. Functions and responsibilities. Current state of forwarding activity in Ukraine and directions of development. General review. Terminal transportation system. Classification of terminals. Selection of a strategy for managing the formation of train departures. Justification of the number of terminals. Composition and their functions. Organization and management of warehousing. Types of packages, methods of their manufacture, functions of packaging and packaging. Data applied on marking. Rules and methods for marking. Information support for forwarding activities. Insurance of transport risks.
Assessment methods and criteria: • implementation and defense of practical works ( 30%) • examinating control - written-oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Воркут А.І., Коцюк О.Я., Лебідь І.Г., Мельниченко О.І. Транспортно-експедиторська діяльність. Навчальний посібник. – К.: УТУ, 1998. – 264 с. 2. Кость І.П., Корнелюк Й.А. Організація міжнародних вантажних автоперевезень. Навчальний посібник. – Львів. ЛА «Піраміда», 2002. – 100 с. 3. Сханова С.Э., Попова О.В., Горев А.Э. Транспортно-экспедиционное обслуживание: Учебное пособие. – М.: Издательский центр «Академия», 2005. – 432 с. 4. Довідник експедитора. У двох книгах. Книга перша – К.: Основа, 2002. – 624 с. Книга друга – К. : Основа, 2003. – 528 с. 5. Рудняк Ю., Піроженко О., Маханько О., Кузнєцов В. Усе про облік та організацію транспортно-експедиторської діяльності. – 4-те вид., перероб. і доп. – Х.: Фактор, 2008. – 448 с. 6. Транспортне право України.– К.: Юрінком Інтер, 2002.–416 с. 7. Закон України «Про транспортно-експедиторську діяльність». Київ, Парламентське видавництво, 2004. – 14 с.