Computer Aided Analysis of Electric Power System States

Major: Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics
Code of subject: 6.141.02.E.069
Credits: 3.00
Department: Electric Power Engineering and Control Systems
Lecturer: Associate Professor, PhD Konoval Volodymyr
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • knowledge the methods of analysis established regimes; • knowledge the method of determining inventory static stability regimes; • knowledge the methods of calculation and open-phase modes; • knowledge the methods of analysis of electromechanical transients; • ability to apply the software package for analysis DAKAR steady, static and dynamic stability modes EEC; • ability to calculate currents and open-phase modes; • ability to conduct graphical analysis of electromechanical transients; • ability to simulate emergency automation devices.
Required prior and related subjects: • Electrical network, • System operating states, • Electric network aautomations, • Power systems stability.
Summary of the subject: The calculation of the steady state. Calculation of short circuit and open-phase modes. Mathematical models of the main elements of the electrical system for the study of resistance. Analysis of static stability. Analysis of dynamic stability. Specifics modeling power systems emergency automation.
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports on laboratory work, oral examination, job control (100%) • final control - test, the results of this monitoring
Recommended books: 1. Енергетичні системи з електропередачами та вставками постійного струму /Шидловський А.К., Перхач В.С., Скрипник О.І. Відп. ред. Кузнецов В.Г.; АН України, Ін-т електродинаміки. – Київ: Наук. думка, 1992. – 288 с. 2. В.С. Перхач. Математичні задачі електроенергетики. Львів, Вид-во при ЛДУ, "Вища школа", 1982, 380 с. 3. Modern Power Systems Analysis /Xi-Fan Wang, Yonghua Song, Malcolm Irving. – Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. – 2008. – 559 p. 4. Інтернет-ресурс: