Energy Infrastructure of Ukraine and the EU

Major: Energy Security
Code of subject: 7.141.08.O.2
Credits: 6.00
Department: Electric Power Engineering and Control Systems
Lecturer: Cand. Sci. (Tech.) Andrii Muzychak
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the current state, development trends and the most important and the newest technologies in the energy sphere; • the ability to link the major components of Ukraine's energy industry; • the ability to analyze and synthesize; • the ability to solve problems and make appropriate decisions; • the ability to stand up for the chose methods for solving specialized tasks, critically evaluate the obtained results and defend the decisions made; • the ability to search and analyze information from a variety of sources; • potential for further learning.
Required prior and related subjects: • Technical aspects of energy security, • Sustainable development strategy and energy security.
Summary of the subject: Globalized world and world energy sphere. Ukraine's energy policy and energy security. International energy market, the role of Ukraine in the European energy market. The fuel and energy complex of Ukraine. Ukraine's mineral base and the consolidated energy balance. Oil and gas industries of Ukraine: production and transportation of hydrocarbons. The role and main components of pipeline oil and gas transportation systems, role of underground gas storage facilities. Oil refining industry. Ukraine's oil and gas transportation system as part of the EU's energy infrastructure and international cooperation in the field of oil and gas transportation. Electricity industry. Structure of electric power generation sources, basic and shunting generating capacities. Atomic Energy of Ukraine. Hydropower and other renewable energy sources. Ukraine's unified energy system: status and prospects. Municipal energy as a component of the fuel and energy complex. Sustainable energy development and transformation of the energy sector.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Written reports on practical tasks, oral examination (30%); • Final control (control measure – exam): written and oral form (70%).
Recommended books: 1. Паливно-енергетичний комплекс України в контексті глобальних енергетичних перетворень. / Шидловський А.К. та ін. – К: «Українські енциклопедичні знання», 2004 – 468 с. 2. Інноваційні пріоритети паливно-енергетичного комплексу України. / під ред. Шидловського А.К. – К: «Українські енциклопедичні знання», 2004 – 512 с. 3. Україна 2012. Загальна енергетична політика. International Energy Agency, 2012. 4. Комунальна теплоенергетика України: стан проблеми, шляхи модернізації. У 2-х томах. / А.А. Долінський, Б.І. Басок, Є.Т. Базєєв, І.А. Піроженко – К.: ТОВ «Поліграф-Сервіс», 2007.