Energy Politics Trends in the Age of Globalization

Major: Energy Security
Code of subject: 7.141.08.E.43
Credits: 5.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: Assistant Professor at the department of Political Science and International Relations Roslon Dominika-Anna Tomashivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the course, the student should know the essence of globalization and its impact on international relations, the essence of energy policy and the strategy of European energy policy, modern energy conflicts in international relations, the peculiarities of the EU energy policy, alternative forms of energy. Also, the student should be able to analyze the energy policy of the state and be able to offer solutions of problems in this area.
Required prior and related subjects: • Theory of nternational relations • Energy policy • Energy security
Summary of the subject: Globalization: essence, purpose, factors, consequences, benefits, threats. Energy policy: object, subject, concept, goals, tools. EU energy policy. EU policy on atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions (CCS). EU Renewable Energy Policy (OZE). EU Policy on Nuclear Energy. European energy security strategy. The policy of liberalization of the fuel sector. Energy Policy of Ukraine. EU relations with energy-resource countries.
Assessment methods and criteria: lectures, seminars (presentation-project), self- work. Current control: reports on seminars (presentation-project) 40% Final control (exam): written and oral form (60%)
Recommended books: 1. Darnopykh H.YU. Palyvno-enerhetychnyy kompleks Ukrayiny v umovakh hlobalizatsiyi / H. YU. Darnopykh // Visnyk Natsional?noyi yurydychnoyi akademiyi Ukrayiny im. Yaroslav a Mudroho. – 2011. - № 2 (5). – С. 16-29. 2. Mazin A. Resursy i konflikty / A. Mazin // MEiMO. – 2006. – № 8. – С. 3-9. 3. Global Energy Governance: the New Rules of the Game / ed. by A. Goldthau and J.M. Wittie. – Berlin, 2010. – 386 p. 4. Miciula I. Polityka energetyczna Unii Europejskiej do 2030 roku w ramach zroznicowanego rozwoju / I. Miciula // Studia i Prace Wydzialu Nauk Ekonomicznych i zarzadzania. - Nr 42 . - T. 2. - DOI: 10.18276/sip.2015.42/2-05. – S. 57-67. 5. The Handbook of global Energy Policy / ed. by A. Goldthau. – Oxford, 2013. – 566 p. 6. Tylec T. Bezpieczenstwo dostaw energii e Unii Europejskiej- Wyzwania i ograniczenia / T. Tylec // Studia Ekonomiczne. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach . 2015. – N 228. – S. 92-100.