Emergency Processes and Safety Systems at Nuclear Power Plants

Major: Nuclear Рower Еngineering
Code of subject: 7.143.01.E.017
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
Lecturer: Associate professor, Ph.D. Lys Stepan Stepanovych
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - knowledge and understanding of the influence of technical solutions in the social, economic, social and environmental context; - knowledge of special methods and controls, measurement of technological parameters for nuclear and thermal processes of the NPP; - to critically analyze the main indicators of the functioning of the nuclear and thermal power system of the nuclear power plant and to evaluate the technical solutions and equipment used.
Required prior and related subjects: pre-requisites: • The theory of nuclear reactors • Atomic power plants Corrections: • Physical Nuclear Safety • Diagnostics of equipment of nuclear power plants
Summary of the subject: The normative-legal regulation of the use of nuclear energy in Ukraine and the fundamental principles of safety at nuclear power plants are considered as well as the basic provisions on the safety of nuclear power plants. Safety systems of nuclear power plants, their purpose, description, basic equipment and operating modes in emergency situations are presented. The issues of design and design accidents at nuclear power plants, their area of application and stages of work execution during accidents are considered.
Assessment methods and criteria: • reports on practical work, oral questioning (30%) • final control (control measure - exam): written and oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Bukrinskiy A.M. Avariynyye perekhodnyye protsessy na AES s VVER. – M., Energoizdat, 1982. – 142 s. 2. Baklushin R.P. Ekspluatatsiya AES. CH. I. Rabota AES v energosistemakh. CH. II. Obrashcheniye s radioaktivnymi otkhodami: Uchebnoye posobiye. M.: NIYAUMIFI, 2011. – 304 s. 3. Ivanov V.A. Zkspluatatsiya AZS: Uchebnik dlya vuzov. / V.A. Ivanov. – SPb.: Energoatomizdat, Sankt-Peterburgskoye otd-niye, 1994. – 384 s. 4. Ostreykovskiy V.A. Ekspluatatsiya atomnkh stantsiy: Uchebnik dlya vuzov. / V.A. Ostreykovskiy. – M.: Energoatomizdat, 1999. – 928 s.