Design of Thermal Power Plants Units

Major: Heat and Power Engineering
Code of subject: 7.144.02.E.35
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
Lecturer: Tetiana Rуmar, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - to know the legal framework designing heat and power systems; - to know the structure, purpose and content of regulatory documents designing thermal power systems; - to know design technology of thermal power plants and the main stages of designing thermal power systems; - to be able to choose the composition of TPP equipment and optimize its parameters; - to be able to draw up design and estimate documentation on facilities TPS in accordance with state building codes.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites • Boiler units of thermal power plants; • Turbines of thermal power plants
Summary of the subject: Fundamentals of technical and economic optimization of power station. Criteria and parameters optimization. Methods of optimization parameters and choice of technical solutions. Terms feasibility comparison of variants of design. Features of the new economic conditions. The choice of main equipment TPP. The choice of unit power and reserve capacity. Characterization and selection of main equipment power. The choice of optimal configurations of thermal power plants. General plans TPP. The organization design. State building codes. Order of the development of project documentation. The project terminology. Stages of design.
Assessment methods and criteria: • formative assessment (30%): recitation; • summative assessment (70%, examination): control activities.
Recommended books: 1. Design and construction of thermal power facilities: Study guide / Penkov V.I. - Rivne: NUWGP, 2010. – 210 p. 2. The composition, procedure development, coordination and approval of project documentation for construction. State building codes Ukraine a.2.2-3-97. 3. State building codes Ukraine. 4. Technical and Economic Fundamentals designing thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. //Kruhlykov PA/ Abstract of lectures St. Petersburg. SZTU, 2003. - 118 p. 5. Technical and Economic Fundamentals designing of thermal power plants.// Kachan A.D., Mukovozchyk N.V. Minsk, Vуsshaya shkola, 1983. - 159 p.