Auxiliary Equipment and Pipelines of Thermal Power Units

Major: Heat and Power Engineering
Code of subject: 7.144.02.M.25
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
Lecturer: associate professor, Ph.D. Kuznetsova Marta Yaroslavivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Know: - Classification of auxiliary equipment regarding its relationship with the main heat power system; - Main characteristics, types of auxiliary equipment; - Method of selection, calculation and layout of auxiliary equipment and pipelines. • Be able to: - Calculate auxiliary equipment and pipelines heat power system; - Select an existing factory equipment; - Carry out a verification calculation of selected equipment; - Work with reference books, technical conditions and the process of selecting, installing and designing of auxiliary equipment and pipelines.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites: • Heat Engines of Industrial Enterprises • Boiler Units of heat power engineering units • Pumps, Ventilators, Compressors co-requisites: • Fundamentals of Design of Heat Power Engineering Units • Fundamentals of Reconstruction and modernization of heat power engineering units
Summary of the subject: The classification of auxiliary equipment. The selection and placement of auxiliary equipment of heat power system. Dust pulverized coal preparation system heat power system. Equipment installations dust preparation. Separators dust. Design requirements for units preparing dust. Heater installation for heating blowing air. Ash catching install heat power system. Traction blowing machines heat power system. Accessory equipment for steam turbines. Equipment nutrient water plants. Auxiliary heating systems. Pipelines heat power system. Methods hydraulic calculation of pipelines. Heat loss and heat insulation pipelines.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control (20%): oral examination • final control(80 %):written component(70%), oral component(10%)
Recommended books: 1. Solovev Yu.P. Vspomogatelnoe oborudovanie paroturbinnyih elektrostantsiy. - M.: Energoatomizdat, 1983. - 200 s. 2. Rihter L. A.. Elizarov D.P.. Lavyigin V.M. Vspomogatelnoe oborudovanie teplovyih elektrostantsiy: Uchebnoe posobie dlya vuzov. - M.: Energoatomizdat, 1987. - 216 s. 3. Nazmeev Yu.G.. Lavyigin V.M. Teploobmennyie apparatyi TES: Uchebnoe posobie dlya VUZov. - M.: Energoatomizdat, 1998. - 288 s.