Diagnosis of Equipment of Thermal Power Plants

Major: Heat and Power Engineering
Code of subject: 7.144.02.M.24
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
Lecturer: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Matiko Halyna Fedorivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • knowledge of the current state, trends of development and the modern methods for diagnostics of TPP equipment; • knowledge of basic methods and means for control the technical state of equipment and systems of thermal power plants; • knowledge of types of diagnostic systems of TPP equipment; • ability to analyse the work of the power unit, to make decisions on technical diagnostics of TPP equipment, to evaluate technical diagnostic indicators; • ability to choose methods and means for control and to diagnose the main technological units and systems of the TPP.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: • Combined power units of heat power engineering units; • Methods of analysis of heat power engineering units. Co-requisites: • Corrosion protection and preservation of thermal power equipment; • Adjustment of heat power engineering units.
Summary of the subject: Types of defects of constructions of thermal power plants and the degree of their potential danger. Methods of diagnosing the equipment of thermal power plants. Control of the technical state of the equipment of the thermal power plant. Methods and means of non-destructive testing and diagnostics. Destructive methods of control. Control systems for equipment and pipelines metal. Control systems for heat-mechanical equipment.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral questioning, written essay, presentation (40%) • control work – written and oral form (60%)
Recommended books: 1. Non-destructive testing and diagnostics: a Handbook / V. V. Klyuev, F. R. Sosnin, A. V. Kovalev, and others; edited by V.V. Klyuev. 2nd edition, Corr. and add. – M .: Mashinostroenie, 2003. – 656 p. (in Russian). 2. Technical diagnostics and control of technical condition. Terms and definitions: DSTU 2389-94. - К.: Derzhstandart of Ukraine, 1994. - 24 p. (inUkrainian). 3. Ryzhkin V.Ya. Thermal Power Plants. – M .: Energy, 1974.