Design of Heat Power Engineering Units

Major: Heat and Power Engineering
Code of subject: 7.144.02.E.38
Credits: 5.00
Department: Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
Lecturer: associate professor, Ph.D. Kovalenko Tetiana Pavlivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - To know the heat power engineering technology of designing facilities. - To know the method of calculation of thermal schemes, parameter optimization and selection of thermal power generating equipment. - Be able to draw design and estimate documentation for objects of power system in accordance with the regulations. - Be able to calculate the thermal circuits and choose equipment; - Be able to calculate heat using equipment.
Required prior and related subjects: • Fundamentals of design thermal power facilities; • Boiler units industry; • Operating modes and operation of facilities of power system • Basics of reconstruction and modernization of of power system
Summary of the subject: General explanatory part of the project. Regulatory framework. Architectural and building part of the project. Heat part of the project. Designing parts with drainage and sewerage. Design of the fuel supply with gas supplies or other energy source. The calculation of fuel requirements. The organization of the facility. The estimated records
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports on practical works, oral questioning (30%) • final control (control measure - exam): written and oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. State building regulations in Ukraine (DBN). (in Ukrainian) 2. Penkov V.I. Design and construction of thermal power facilities: Tutorial – Rivne: NUVHP, 2010. – 210 s. (in Ukrainian) 3. M.O. Pryadko, V.I. Pavelko, S.M. Vasylenko Thermal network. - Navchalnyy posibnyk/ za red. M.O.Pryadka. - K.: Alera, 2005. - 227 p. (in Ukrainian) 4. Ratushnyak H.S., Popova H.S. Energy efficiency and operation of heating systems. Tutorial. - Vinnytsya: VNTU, 2002. - 120 p. (in Ukrainian)