Montage and Adjustment of Automation Systems

Major: Automated Control of Technological Processes
Code of subject: 7.151.01.M.21
Credits: 5.00
Department: Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Lecturer: Nykolyn Hryhoriy Andriyovych, Senior Lecturer
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - know the content and procedure for installation and commissioning work in the implementation of automation systems; - be able to organize the installation of automation systems; - principles of installation of automation systems; - be able to organize the commissioning of automation systems; - be able to organize the transfer of well-established automation systems into operation.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: - Electrical measurements; - Actuators and Valves in Automatic Control Systems; - Electronics and Circuits Engineering; - Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics; - Microprocessor Engineering; - Automation Devices; - Automation of Technological Processes of Chemical and Food Production; - Automation System Design.
Summary of the subject: The project is proceeding works. Purpose and types typical installation drawings. The organization works. Machinery, hardware and assembly products for installation works. Industrial methods of installation. Installation products and parts. Installation of boards and panels tripods. GInstallation and adjustment of devices for measurement and regulation of temperature. Installation and adjustment of devices for measuring pressure and vacuum. Installation and adjustment of devices for flow measurement. Installation and adjustment of devices for measuring and adjusting the level. Installation and adjustment of means of measurement of structure and quality of substances. Organization and content of adjustment works of automation systems; Organization and content of commissioning of established automation systems.rounding and vanishing boards, panels and tripods. Installation wiring's.
Assessment methods and criteria: - final control, written form.
Recommended books: 1. М.М.Дранчук «Проектування систем автоматизації технологічних процесів в нафтовій та газовій промисловості» Навчальний посібник, - Івано-Франківськ, 2003.-941с. 2. Проектування систем автоматизації: навч. посібник / М.С. Пушкар, С.М. Проценко – Д.: Національний гірничий університет, 2013. – 268 с. 3. Акимова Н.А., Котеленец Н.Ф., Сентюрихин Н.И. Монтаж, техническая эксплуатация и ремонт электрического и электромеханического оборудования. - М.: Издательский центр Академия, 2006. 4. Каминский М.Л., Каминский В.М. Монтаж приборов и систем автоматизации. - М.: Высшая школа, 2007.