Introductory Specialty Course and Fundamentals Classical Ecology

Major: Environmental Studies
Code of subject: 6.101.00.O.001
Credits: 7.50
Department: Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management
Lecturer: PhD, Assistant, Holodovska Olena; PhD, Assoc. Prof., Zaharko Jaroslava
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Program competencies: • knowledge of the laws of self-development of Nature, the relationship of man with the biosphere, the functioning of ecosystems, the biochemical cycle of chemical elements. • formation of knowledge on the definition of geographical, geophysical, climatic, man-made factors influencing the habitat of the human population in order to preserve and restore human adaptation mechanisms in the context of man-made progress. • knowledge of laws, rules and conceptual principles of sustainable development and global environmental management. Program results: • be able to identify ecosystems, biological diversity, environmental factors determine the toxicity of chemicals. Learning outcomes - know: - the value of the functions of living matter. - basic patterns of interaction of environmental factors. - flora and fauna listed in the International Red Book. - patterns of distribution and accumulation of chemicals by living matter.
Required prior and related subjects: • Environmental ethics • Basics of the scientific research • Geology and basics of geomorphology
Summary of the subject: - Regularities of Nature Self-development. - Theoretical Basics of Ecology. - Biodiversity and Problems of its Protection. - The Essence of Natural Factors and Anthropogenic Problems of Environment. - Regularities of Nature and Society Interaction. - Geochemical classification of chemical elements. - General features of the technological migration.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control, laboratory work, oral examination, reference work (40%) • final control (control measure, exam), writing (60%)
Recommended books: 1. О.Р. Popovich, Ya.M. Zaharko, N.Yu. Vronska, I.S. Timchuk, Yu.Y. Yatchishin, M.S. Malovanyy, O.Ya. Holodovska. Introduction to the profession and the basics of environmental knowledge: textbook - Lviv 2021-140p. 2. Berezyuk D.O., Malovanyy M.S. and others. Environmental ethics. Teaching manual - Lviv, 2010 - 268 с. 3. Rudishin S.D. Fundamentals of biogeochemistry: Textbook. manual.- K .: VC "Academy", 2013 - 248 p. 4. О.P. Myagchenko. Fundamentals of ecology: textbook - Kyiv 2010 - 312p. 5. V. Khudoba, Y. Chikailo. Ecology: educational and methodical manual - Lviv, LDUFK-2016, 92p.