Information Technologies of Business Organization

Major: Environmental information systems
Code of subject: 6.000.00.M.006G
Credits: 3.00
Department: Social Communication and Information Activities
Lecturer: Markovets O.V., Ph.D.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The aim of the course is to form students' systematic scientific approach to engineering business activity of enterprises and firms by means of new information technologies and business process reengineering, understanding the purpose, objectives and methods of applying new information technologies in various fields (business example); formation and consolidation of skills of research and analysis of objects and processes in business, management of the process of scientific and engineering research in complex subject areas; mastery of business process analysis skills.
Завдання: know: the essence of business processes as a basic element of business activity; the purpose and criteria of efficiency of application of new information technologies for optimization of business activity; modern methods of optimization and design of business activity; basic principles and methods of business process reengineering; classification of problems of system and system-object analysis; technology of system-structural analysis "3-View Modeling (3VM)"; IDEF0 functional modeling standard. be able to: plan the process of implementing new information technologies in the activities of enterprises and firms; use modern modeling tools and BPD to optimize business activity; to conduct system analysis
Learning outcomes: - Carry out marketing research of the market of information products and services. - Create and implement information products and services demanded by consumers. - Develop models of the subject area, apply the principles of designing automated databases, semantic web, web services and social media in information activities. - Use application software to solve management and / or scientific problems based on a combination of human intellectual abilities with the functionality of information systems.
Required prior and related subjects: none
Summary of the subject: Basic approaches to design and optimization of business processes. Methods of organizing and designing business processes. Basic principles of system approach to modeling business processes. Method of functional modeling SADT (IDEF0). System standards IDEF. Simulation data streams. Technology system-object modeling. Conceptual framework CASE-technologies
Опис: The course covers the analysis and modeling of subject areas in order to build organizational and information systems. The principles of visual modeling of systems and business processes, the principles of structural system and object-oriented approaches to system modeling are presented. Methods of system structural analysis and business process modeling are presented: IDEF0 functional modeling, IDEF3 process modeling, DFD data flow modeling, ERM data modeling, as well as object-oriented analysis and business process modeling methods based on the unified UML modeling language. The methods of application of business process modeling methods for the implementation of consulting projects and reorganization of enterprises are described. Modern CASE-tools for business process modeling automation are considered
Assessment methods and criteria: final control (control measure, exam), written-oral form (100%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Diagnosis of knowledge is done by assessing the laboratory work and examination control (written and oral components).
Recommended books: 1. Kravets R.B. Informatsiyni tekhnolohiyi orhanizatsiyi biznesu: Navch.posibnyk/ R.B. Kravets', Yu.O. Syerov, O.V. Markovets – Lviv: Vydavnytstvo Natsional'noho universytetu «L'vivs'ka politekhnika», 2013, – 228 s. 2. Katrenko A.V. Systemnyy analiz : pidruchnyk / A. V. Katrenko ; nauk. red. V. V. Pasichnyk. — L'viv :Novyy svit-2000, 2013. — 396 s. 3. Pryynyattya upravlins?kykh rishen? : navchal?nyy posibnyk / [YU. YE. Petrunya, B. V. Litovchenko, T. O. Pasichnyk ta in.] ; za red. YU. YE. Petruni. – [3-tye vyd., pererobl. idop.]. – Dnipropetrovs?k : Universytet mytnoyi spravy ta finansiv, 2015. – 209 s. 4. Petrenko N. O. Upravlinnya proektamy : navchal?nyy posibnyk. /N. O. Petrenko, L. O. Kustrich, M. O. Homenyuk. – K. : «Tsentr uchbovoyi literatury», 2017. – 224