Major: Environmental information systems
Code of subject: 6.183.03.E.052
Credits: 5.00
Department: Ecological Safety and Nature Protection Activity
Lecturer: Professor Petrushka I.M.
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of studying the academic discipline "Technoecology" is to give the future environmental specialist has a minimum of knowledge that is necessary for understanding various technological processes with which he will have to deal in their practical activities; introducing the student to different types man-made load on the environment. The task of the course is providing the future environmental specialist with a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that give him the opportunity to engage in design and management of various natural and technological processes of functioning which would not violate the mechanism of self-regulation of biosphere objects.
Завдання: The main tasks of studying the discipline "Technoecology" are: creation of such methods and means of formation and management of natural-technological geosystems that would ensure their functioning without disturbing the mechanisms of self-regulation of biosphere objects and the natural balance of nature-forming geospheres.
Learning outcomes: The learning outcomes of this discipline detail the following program learning outcomes: the main technological processes of production design technology, environmental problems and equipment for environmentally friendly processes. K01. Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and professional activity. K02. Skills in using information and communication technologies. K14. Knowledge and understanding of theoretical foundations of ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature management. K08. Ability to conduct research at an appropriate level. K19. Ability to use basic principles and components of environmental management. PR12. Participate in the development and implementation of projects aimed at optimal management and handling of industrial and municipal waste
Required prior and related subjects: Introduction to the specialty, Environmental Impact Assessment environment
Summary of the subject: The purpose of the discipline is to teach students the basic principles of design equipment for environmental safety implementation of environmentally friendly technologies. The task of the discipline is to form knowledge on designing equipment for environmental safety in atmospheric air, water bodies, soil and other elements of the environment. The basis of the discipline is the existing regulatory framework in Ukraine that regulates the use of nature and anthropogenic pressure on natural components and environmental complexes. According to working curricula, students study the discipline in lectures and perform practical work.
Опис: 1. Technoecology as an ecological discipline: subject of study and tasks. Structure and composition of the biosphere: atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Problems related to the pollution of the biosphere as a result of anthropogenic human activity. The problem of production waste generation in mining industry The problem of mineralized mine waters and ways to eliminate it. Rock dumps, sludge accumulators, tailings storage facilities. The influence of man-made objects on the state of the environment. The problem of flooding territories in mining areas regions. Environmental protection measures to eliminate negative ones environmental phenomena caused by mining production Reclamation of disturbed lands: technical and biological stages
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (30%) - practical classes, oral examination, control work - Final control (70%) - differentiated test
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Assessment of educational achievements of students of NU "LP" is carried out according to rating (100-point) and institutional scales. The latter is necessary (due to the official absence of a national scale) for converting (transferring) the grades of students of higher education from different institutions.
Recommended books: 1. 1. AM Baklastov, VA Gorbenko, PG Udyma. Design, installation and operation heat and mass transfer units: Textbook. manual for universities / Ed. А.М.Бакластова.- М .: Energoizdat, 1981, - 336 p. ill. 2. Appert L.Z. Fundamentals of design of chemical plants: Textbook. allowance for technical schools. M., "Higher School", 1970, -328 p. ill.