Rational use of Natural Resources

Major: Environmental information systems
Code of subject: 6.183.03.E.054
Credits: 7.00
Department: Ecological Safety and Nature Protection Activity
Lecturer: Associate Professor Ruda M.V.
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: obtaining integrated conception of national economic management branch process as the only system allowing for the organization of management in ecology at local, regional and national levels.
Required prior and related subjects: - The economy of environmental management and organization management. - Basics of economics, management and marketing. - Entry to the profession. - Normalization of anthropogenic impact on the environment. - Business Ukrainian
Summary of the subject: The subject, goals and management methods. Process management. Management Structure. Personnel management. The apparatus of management. Workflow. The concept of the functions of government in the field of ecology. System of the monitor the status of the environment. Foreign and international management systems in ecology
Assessment methods and criteria: - The current control (40%) is oral interviews and test; - The final control (60%) is a credit.
Recommended books: 1. Екологічне управління: Підручник/ В.Я. Шевчук, Ю.М. Саталкін, Г.О. Білявський та ін. — К.: Либідь, 2004.- 432 с. 2. Збірник законодавчих актів України про охорону навколишнього природного 3. середовища. У 12-ти томах. Чернівці, Зелена Буковина, 1996-2005. 4. Збірник методичних рекомендацій про державний контроль за дотриманням вимог природоохоронного законодавства. — Чернівці: Зелена Буковина, 1996. — 248 с.