Methods of Empirical Research in Entrepreneurship and Trade

Major: Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Code of subject: 7.076.01.O.003
Credits: 6.00
Department: Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management
Lecturer: Assistant Professors of the department of entrepreneurship and ecological expertise of goods
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: The purpose of studying the discipline is to form the knowledge and skills needed to determine the patterns and trends of demand, supply, price and competition in the market of goods (services) using empirical methods. The study of the discipline involves the formation and development of students' competencies: general competencies: - Ability to adapt and act in a new situation. - Ability to identify, pose and solve problems. professional competencies: - Ability to develop and implement a strategy for the development of business, trade and / or exchange structures. - Ability to effectively manage the activities of economic entities in the field of entrepreneurship, trade and / or exchange activities - Ability to solve problems and make managerial decisions in professional activities. -Ability to initiate and implement innovative projects in business, trade and / or exchange activities
Required prior and related subjects: Business planning and audit of investment projects Technology of decision making in business and trade
Summary of the subject: Market research methods and their general characteristics. Formation of information base of empirical market research. Methods of classification and ranking of multidimensional objects and processes of the commodity market. Cluster analysis of commodity market objects and processes. Application of methods of discriminant analysis for market research. Market research using expert methods. Forecasting sales volumes.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (100%) is carried out during classes: written express control; performing laboratory work; performance of control work; colloquium.
Recommended books: 1. Ostrovsky PI, Ostrik OM, Dobrunik TP, Radova OV Modeling of economic processes: A textbook. - Odesa. ONEU, 2012. -132 p. 2. Blagun IS Mathematical methods in economics: textbook. Manual / IS Blagun, VP Kichor, R.V. Feschur, S.J. Sparrow; for ed .. V.P. Kichora. - Ternopil: Textbook - Bogdan, 2011. - 264p. 3. Geets VM Models and methods of socio-economic forecasting: a textbook / V.M. Geets, TS Klebanova, OI Gernyak, VV Ivanov, NA Dubrovina, A.V. Stavytsky. - Kharkiv: INZHEK, 2005. - 396p. 4. Ilyashenko SM Marketing research: textbook. manual /S.M. Ilyashenko, M.Yu. Baskakova. - К .: ЦУЛ, 2006. -192р. 5. Erina AM Statistical modeling and forecasting: a textbook / A.M. Erina, D.L. Erin. - K. KNEU, 2014. - 348p.