Organization and Technique of International Transfer of Commodity’s

Major: Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Code of subject: 7.076.01.E.020
Credits: 5.00
Department: Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management
Lecturer: Assistant Professors of the department of entrepreneurship and ecological expertise of goods
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: The purpose of teaching the discipline is to form in students of the second (master's) level a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of technology transfer and commercialization, technological audit, which they can use in future professional activities to effectively implement technology transfer. The objectives of the discipline are to master the second (master's) level of knowledge and skills in the field of technology transfer and commercialization, which they can use in future professional activities for the effective implementation of the strategy of technological development as a key tool for increasing the competitiveness and economic security of both the individual enterprise and the country as a whole. According to the requirements of the educational program, applicants for higher education of the second (master's) level must master the competencies: - Ability to use knowledge in practical situations. - Ability to learn and master modern knowledge. - Ability to make informed decisions. - Ability to develop plans and projects aimed at achieving the goal and focused on available resources, to identify and manage factors that affect costs in plans and projects. - Ability to manage projects and evaluate their results. Program results: Ability to substantiate and evaluate innovative projects, knowledge of methods of promoting them on the market, the ability to perform econometric and scientometric assessments. Demonstrate the ability to independently solve tasks of an innovative nature (qualification work, course design), the ability to argue and defend the results and decisions, including in public.
Required prior and related subjects: Commercial risk management Methods and models for optimizing the transfer flows of a trade organization Strategy and tactics of behavior in commodity markets
Summary of the subject: Theoretical and methodological bases of technology transfer. Intellectual property is the cost basis of transfer technologies. Conducting a technological audit. Organizational technology transfer mechanisms. Specific forms of technological exchange. Licensing as the main form technology transfer and commercialization. Methods of cost object valuations. Modeling of technology transfer process: difficulties and problems of creating and adopting innovations. Ukraine's participation in international technology transfer. State regulation in the field of technology transfer
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (40%): practical work, oral examination, test control. Final control (60%): exam; test tasks (50%); oral component (10%).
Recommended books: 1. Andronova OF Technology transfer as a tool for implementation innovation activity: monograph / О.Ф. Andronova, A.V. Skull. - К .: Кондор, 2007. - 356 с. 2. Didkivsky MI International technology transfer: a textbook for universities K .: Knowledge, 2011. - 365 p. 3. Mokiy AI Babets IG, Polyakova Yu.V. Commercialization of technologies and objects of patent law: a textbook. - Lviv: LKA, 2010. - 416 p. 4. Break PG, Kotsiski D., Sakai D., Vereshne Shomoshi M. Technology transfer. Monograph. - H .: Virovets AP "Apostrophe", 2012. - 668 p. 5. Technology transfer: a textbook / AA Mazaraki, GO Androschuk, SI Bai, etc .; for the head ed. AA Mazaraki. - Kyiv: Kyiv. nat. auction. - econ. University, 2014. - 556 p