Customs Regulation

Major: Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Code of subject: 7.076.01.E.025
Credits: 4.00
Department: Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management
Lecturer: teachers of the department of entrepreneurship and ecological examination of goods
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: The purpose of teaching the discipline "Customs Regulation" is: students to acquire basic knowledge about the peculiarities of customs regulation in Ukraine, the structure and powers of customs authorities, collection of customs duties, customs clearance and customs control. The main tasks of studying the discipline "Customs Regulation": the study of the essence and features of the product range; implementation of customs regulation of foreign economic activity in Ukraine; main directions of customs policy; the procedure and conditions of movement across the customs border of goods and commercial vehicles; collection of customs duties; implementation of customs clearance and customs control; international cooperation and integration of the customs system of Ukraine into the world economic system. According to the requirements of the educational and professional program, students must: know: legislation governing the activities of customs authorities and features of accrual and payment of customs duties, purposes, forms and areas of customs control, types and forms of transportation of goods and vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine, the structure of the harmonized system of description and coding of goods; the concept of the subject of foreign economic activity and the procedure for its registration with the customs authorities; customs regimes; the procedure for declaring and passing goods; non-tariff methods of regulating foreign economic activity; be able to: use the acquired knowledge for customs clearance of goods, apply in practice the legislation of Ukraine on customs declaration of goods moving across the customs border of Ukraine, use the professional rights and responsibilities of customs brokers, ensure compliance with foreign trade agreement requirements of customs and currency legislation of Ukraine.
Required prior and related subjects: Corporate culture and financial literacy in the field of international transfer relations Logistics
Summary of the subject: Customs and tariff regulation in foreign economic activity as an instrument of economic policy of the state Customs payments Ukrainian classification of foreign economic activity Non-tariff methods of foreign trade regulation Features of customs clearance and declaration of goods Customs control in Ukraine Customs regimes and their features Features of movement and passage of goods and vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine Violation of customs rules and liability for their violation
Assessment methods and criteria: current control (30%) - individual research task, preparation for training sessions and control activities final control (70%) - exam
Recommended books: 1. Gizhevsky VK Customs law of Ukraine: textbook. way. / VK Gizhevsky, II Svitlak, IV Skirsky. - К.: , 2008. - 203 с. 2. Grebelnik OP Customs. [text] textbook. 4 species. updated and add. / OP Grebelnyk - K .: Center for Educational Literature, 2014. - 472 p. 3. Dubinina AA Customs: textbook. / AA Dubinin. - Kyiv: Center for Educational Literature, 2010. - 320 p. 4. Current issues of theory and practice of customs: monograph; for the head ed. I.G. Berezhnyuk. - Khmelnytskyi.., 2013. - 428 с. - (Customs in Ukraine. Volume 21)