Commercial Risk Management

Major: Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Code of subject: 7.076.01.E.021
Credits: 4.00
Department: Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management
Lecturer: Assistant Professors of the department of entrepreneurship and ecological expertise of goods
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Tasks of the discipline As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: - know the legislation in the field of commercial activity; - know the classification features of commercial risks; - know the system of factors that form certain types of commercial risk; - have the technology to measure the risks of commercial activity, taking into account the requirements of modern legislation of Ukraine and industry specifics; - have methods of strategic management and forecasting of commercial risks; The study of the discipline involves the formation and development of students' competence: general: - ability to adapt and act in a new situation; - ability to identify, pose and solve problems; - ability to motivate people and move towards a common goal; - ability to communicate with representatives of other professional groups of different levels (with experts from other fields of knowledge / types of economic activity); - Definiteness and perseverance in terms of tasks and responsibilities. professional: - ability to develop and implement a strategy for the development of business, trade and / or exchange structures; - ability to evaluate products, goods and services in business, trade and / or exchange activities; - ability to effectively manage the activities of economic entities in the field of entrepreneurship, trade and / or exchange activities; - ability to solve problems and make management decisions in professional activities; - ability to initiate and implement innovative projects in business, trade and / or exchange activities. The learning outcomes of this discipline detail the following program learning outcomes: - be able to adapt and show initiative and independence in situations that arise in professional activities; - identify, analyze the problems of entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities and develop measures to address them; - use business communications to support interaction with representatives of various professional groups; - define and implement strategic development plans of business entities in the field of entrepreneurship, trade and / or exchange activities; - implement innovative projects in order to create conditions for the effective functioning and development of business, trade and / or exchange structures.
Required prior and related subjects: Economics of a commercial enterprise Business planning and audit of investment projects Fundamentals of entrepreneurship Methods of empirical market research Mathematics for economists Economic forecasting of business efficiency
Summary of the subject: Basic concepts of discipline Approaches to risk classification Features of risks in different areas of activity Risk risk assessment technologies Risk anticipation in the business plan Strategic risk forecasting Features of financial risk management in commercial activities. Risk insurance due to external and internal reserves, optimal balance
Assessment methods and criteria: - The current control (30%) are workshops, oral interviews and test; - The final control (70%) is a credit.
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