Master’s Thesis Internship

Major: Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Code of subject: 7.076.01.O.014
Credits: 9.00
Department: Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management
Lecturer: Assistant Professors of the department of entrepreneurship and ecological expertise of goods
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: During practical training on the theme of bachelor's qualifying work student should learn system abilities and skills to solve common tasks in accordance with the positions that can hold a graduate student - master of management of environmental activities, the main activity of which village management activities, including the management of protected the activities of specific businesses.
Required prior and related subjects: Economics, management, management of environmental protection, business planning.
Summary of the subject: Analysis of the performance of the company, sales, financial performance, human resources enterprise core business, including environmental protection, assessment of the financial condition of the company, analysis of the environmental performance of the company, analysis and description of the equipment and technology, particularly in terms of protecting the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere of violations and pollution assessment of the impact on the environment as a source of pollution violations and the degree of natural re VTS now in production activities.
Assessment methods and criteria: The final control (100%) is a credit.
Recommended books: Methodical instructions on passing practice on a subject of master's qualification work by students of a specialty 076 business, trade and exchange activity