Research Methodology and Modeling of Processes of Industrial Waste Treatment

Major: Ecology and Environmental Protection
Code of subject: 7.101.01.O.002
Credits: 5.00
Department: Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management
Lecturer: Doctor of science, professor Sabadash Vira
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to use the principles, methods and organizational procedures of research activities for research and modeling of waste management schemes. To know at the level of the latest achievements the basic concepts of modeling of industrial waste treatment processes and the methodology of scientific knowledge: • Assimilation methods for the identification and classification of types of pollution sources and environmental waste management industry. • Mathematical models exploring of dispersion of pollutants typical sources and principles of ecological forecasting environmental quality. • Mastering the techniques of design maximum permissible emissions and maximum permissible discharges into water bodies. • Develop skills in engineering calculation methodologies within the design maximum permissible emissions and maximum permissible discharges using computers.
Required prior and related subjects: • Standardization and prognostication of industrial pollution emissions. • Utilization of industrial and household waste.
Summary of the subject: Subject and theoretical base of course "Research methodology and modelling of processes of industrial waste". Study the basic concepts, definitions, position and approaches in mathematical modelling. Mathematical models of ecological processes creation. The principles of calculating of field emission contamination of a set discrete sources; coordinate transformation. Study the calculating algorithm of processes. The method of calculating the maximum permissible concentrations required height pipe size sanitary protection zone.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Current control, oral examination (30%) • final control (control measure, exam), written-oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Введение в математическое моделирование: Учебное пособие / Под ред. П. В. Трусова. – М.: Университетская книга, Логос, 2007.– 440 с. 2. Станжицький О.М., Таран Є.Ю., Гординський Л.Д. Основи математичного моделювання : Навчальний посібник. – К.: Видавничо-поліграфічний центр “Київський університет”, 2006. – 96 с. 3. Павленко П.М. Основи математичного моделювання систем і процесів: Навчальний посібник. – К.: Книжкове вид-во НАУ, 2010.– 198 с.