The Concept of Sustainable Development of State Climate Policy

Major: Ecology and Environmental Protection
Code of subject: 7.101.01.M.011
Credits: 5.00
Department: Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management
Lecturer: PhD., Assoc. Prof. Vronska Nataliya
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: General competencies: ІНТ. Ability to solve complex specialized tasks and problems in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of nature in professional activities or in the learning process involving research and / or innovation, and are characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions and requirements. Professional competencies: ФК11. Ability to use in practice the methodological, regulatory and methodological principles of environmental management and the concept of sustainable development, including in the field of climate change. Program learning outcomes: ПР12. Be able to use the system of environmental standardization and certification to assess anthropogenic and natural pressures in order to conduct on an ongoing basis an assessment of actual expected climate change and their consequences.
Required prior and related subjects: Climate change adaptation strategy; Legislation of Ukraine in the field of nature management.
Summary of the subject: Global climate change is a process of adaptation in response to actual or expected climate impacts. Studying climate change will reduce the negative effects on ecosystems and human activities, as well as prevent risks and predict the consequences. Climate change in Ukraine increases the risks to the health of the population, ecosystems, water, forest resources, sustainable functioning of energy infrastructure and agro-industrial complex, which can cause and is already causing great damage. In this course the material is aimed at the formation of future specialists' knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable development in climate change, the concept of state climate change policy until 2030, international experience in adapting to climate change and its application in Ukraine, the impact of global Climate change for land resources, agriculture, forestry, water resources, energy, infrastructure, biodiversity, public health, emergencies, as well as priority areas of state policy in Ukraine in the field of adaptation to climate change.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (100%): performance of practical work; execution and protection of control work; test control.
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