Major: Applied Ecology and Balanced Nature Management
Code of subject: 7.183.01.M.010
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of Theory of Law and Constitutionalism
Lecturer: Tsebenko S.B.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: To know the main definitions of ecological legal system of Ukraine and legal acts that regulates natural resources, natural environmental protection and anthropo-protecting social relations, formation of professional legal skills and increasing of general and special ecological legal culture. To be able to orient in the system of Ukrainian legislation in the branch of environmental protection, studying and analyzing of efficiency of nowadays acts, actual practise of regulation of social relations as for the question of using natural resources, protection of natural environment and supplying of ecological safety, to develop, basing on defining of juridical features, propositions for the improvements on the current legal base on the ground of the revealed signs of its imperfection; Adopt relevant regulatory acts, compiling ecological-legal documents, and resolving specific practical issues related to the application of environmental law.
Required prior and related subjects: History of Ukraine
Summary of the subject: "Legislation of Ukraine in the field of environmental protection" as an educational discipline occupies a peculiar place in the system of legal disciplines, which is predetermined primarily by the subject of its regulation. The subject of the course is a set of legal norms regulating the legal relationship regarding the rational use, reproduction and protection of natural resources, natural environmental protection and the provision of environmental safety for human life and health. Successful mastering of this course is an indispensable condition for becoming a master, his/her professional culture and high qualification.
Assessment methods and criteria: The methods of assessing the level of achievement of learning outcomes are: oral survey at practical (seminar) classes; final control work. Evaluation of the student's learning results is carried out based on the results of current monitoring in accordance with the 100-point evaluation scale established by the University.
Recommended books: 1. Bizek Vladyslav. EU environmental policy and law. - Manual. - European Union project "Additional support to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine in the implementation of sectoral budget support" Kyiv - 2013. - Electronic resource . 2. Environmental law: [sub. for students law special higher education closing Under the editorship A. P. Hetman. X.: Law, 2013. 432 p. 3. Environmental law of Ukraine. Special part: education. manual / O. M. Shumilo (head of author's group), V. A. Zuev, I. V. Brigadyr and others. - Kyiv: Center for Educational Literature, 2013. 432 p. 4. Zatserklyannyi M.M., Zatserklyannyi O.M., Stolevych T.B. Environmental protection processes. Textbook. Odesa: Phoenix, 2017. 454 p. 5. Environmental law of Ukraine: a course of lectures. Under the editorship doctor of law Sciences, Prof. Department of Agrarian, Land and Environmental Law of OU "OYUA" Karakash I.I. Odesa: 2020. 321 p. 6. Klymenko M.O., Zaletskyi I.I. Technoecology. Rivne, 2010. 298 p. 7. Milimko L.V., Artemenko O.V. Environmental law of Ukraine. Tutorial. K.: Comprint, 2015. 288 p. 8. Systemic analysis of environmental quality: a textbook / T. A. Safranov, Y. O. Adamenko, V. Yu. Prykhodko, T. P. Shanina, A. V. Chugai, A. V. Kolisnyk. Under the editorship Prof. T. A. Safranova and Prof. Ya. O. Adamenko. - Odesa: TES, 2014. - 244 p.