Physics, Part 1

Major: Micro and Nanosystems of the Internet of Things
Code of subject: 6.153.03.O.006
Credits: 7.00
Department: Applied Physics and Nanomaterials Science
Lecturer: Balaban Oksana Vasylivna
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge of the physical nature of the surrounding world phenomena, the physical properties of substances in different aggregate states, the impact of the environment on processes and complex systems state. 2. Knowledge of theoretical description of the properties and processes occurring in the substance and Radio Engineering elements, construction of adequate models and predicting their behavior in various conditions. 3. The ability to apply acquired knowledge and understanding to identify, formulate and solve problems of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering; apply acquired knowledge and skills to solve qualitative and quantitative problems in a real production. 4. On the basis of physical laws and known facts to give high-quality professional physical interpretation of the experimental studies. 5. Independently perform physical and technical research in order to optimize the properties of objects and processes using standard and custom-designed tools and software.
Required prior and related subjects: • Mathematical Analysis, • Linear algebra and analytic geometry, • Differential Equations.
Summary of the subject: Kinematics. The dynamics of particles and a solid state. Hydrodynamics. Mechanical vibrations and waves. Fundamentals of special theory of relativity. The physical basis of molecular-kinetic theory. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics. Thermodynamics of real gases. Thermodynamics of liquid.
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports on laboratory work with oral component (20 points), practical tasks (20 points) • control exam (60 points, exam), written-oral form (60 points)
Recommended books: 1. Course of physics. Edited by Lopatinskii I.E., Publisher Beskid Bit, 2002. 2. Trofimova T.I., Course of physics. - M .: Vuschaya Shkola, 1990.-478pp. 3. Detlaf A.A., Yavorskyy B.M. Course of physics. - M .: Vuschaya Shkola, 1989. –608pp.