Integrated Circuit Technology

Major: Micro and Nanosystems of the Internet of Things
Code of subject: 6.153.03.M.041
Credits: 6.00
Department: Semiconductor Electronics
Lecturer: Dr.Sci.,Prof. Khoverko Yuriy
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of the discipline is: study of general principles and approaches to the problems of modern integrated microcircuit manufacturing technology; studying and mastering the main modern technological methods and techniques used in the technological process of manufacturing large integrated microcircuits; obtaining scientific and practical skills in matters of forming the main parameters of integrated microcircuits and their control methodology
Завдання: The study of an academic discipline involves the formation and development of students' competencies: General: • basic knowledge of fundamental sciences, to the extent necessary for mastering general professional disciplines; • basic knowledge in the field of micro- and nanosystem engineering, necessary for mastering professionally oriented disciplines;; • the ability to solve tasks and make appropriate decisions • ability to analyze and synthesize; • ability to apply knowledge in practice; • the ability to search and analyze information from various sources; • have research skills; • ability to work both individually and in a team; Specialists: • the ability to use knowledge and skills for research, selection, implementation, repair, and design of devices and devices of micro- and nanosystem technology and their components; • the ability to develop methods of assessing the quality of materials of micro- and nanosystem equipment, methods of testing devices and devices, metrological verification systems; • the ability to argue the choice of methods for solving specialized problems, critically evaluate the obtained results and defend the decisions made
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying this content module, the student should: - to know the main types of structures of integrated microcircuits and technological processes of their manufacture, the physical basis of technological processes and technical features and possibilities of their implementation. - to be able to use in practice the knowledge acquired regarding the technology of manufacturing integrated microcircuits, to analyze the physico-chemical processes that occur during the manufacture of integrated microcircuits, to choose a material for manufacturing and justify the physical structure of an integrated microcircuit, to improve the technological processes of manufacturing integrated microcircuits and to modify them depending on the requirements for finished microcircuit
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisite: Physics, Technological basics of electronics, Solid-state electronics. requisites: Microcircuit technology
Summary of the subject: As part of studying the discipline, the following will be covered: the main types of structures of integrated microcircuits, the main technological processes of their manufacture, methods of calculating the parameters of technological processes and structures that are obtained using the processes of diffusion, implantation, oxidation, and the main methods of control in the process of manufacturing integrated microcircuits
Опис: General principles and approaches to the problems of manufacturing technology of integrated microcircuits. The technology of creating a bipolar transistor and bipolar circuit. The technology of creating circuit on field-effect transistors. Semiconductor materials for integrated microcircuits. Technology of manufacturing and processing substrates for integrated microcircuits. Thermal oxidation of silicon. Lithography in the technology of manufacturing integrated microcircuits. Diffusion in the manufacturing technology of integrated microcircuits. Ion implantation in the manufacturing technology of integrated microcircuits. Epitaxy processes in the technology of manufacturing integrated microcircuits. Deposition of polycrystalline silicon. Metallization in the production technology of integrated microcircuits. Production of inter-element connections and contacts. Methods of assembly and sealing of integrated microcircuits
Assessment methods and criteria: Assessment, control work, oral defense of the written component
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Current control (30%); final control (70%)
Recommended books: Khoverko Y.M., Ostrovsky I.P., Druzhynin A.O. Technology of elements of integrated circuits of micro and nanosystem technology. Education manual. - Lviv: Publishing House of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic", 2018. - 172 p. S.P. Novosyadly Sub- and nanomicron technology of VIS structures. Monograph.-MONU.-2010 I. Broday, J. Meray, Physical foundations of microtechnology, M: Mir, 1985. Khoverko Yu.M. Microcircuit technology: electronic educational and methodological complex. – registration number No. E41-124-39/2016. – hosting address: