Foreign Language for Specific Purposes, part 3

Major: Electronics
Code of subject: 6.171.00.O.016
Credits: 3.00
Department: Foreign Languages
Lecturer: Yuliia Zakaulova, Nataliia Zhorniak Babkina M.I . Kushka B. G. Pyndyk N. I. Sydorchuk O.V. Chorna I.I.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: заочна
Learning outcomes: их тем, пов’язаних з навчанням/ майбутньою спеціальністю. By the end of the study learners are expected to be able to: • maintain a conversation on the familiar study and specialism-related topics, expressing and exchanging opinions and factual information on study-related events; • demonstrate an understanding of clear and simple notions, related to the given topics including detailed information; • communicate in an academic or professional environment, being able to express oneself both, aurally and in writing, compiling summaries, informal articles, discursive essays, and emails; • make public presentations on a number of general issues in the political, economic and cultural spheres using appropriate linguistic and non-linguistic means of communication; • write forum posts and comments, expressing their own opinion and commenting on other opinions, agreeing/disagreeing on what can be found in social media and virtual learning environment; • get general and specific information from the texts of the academic and professional background using different reading strategies; • recognize factual / non-factual, important / less important, relevant / irrelevant information in written texts of educational and professional content; • guess the meaning of unfamiliar words contained in written texts and oral presentations (conversations) of educational and professional content, using contextual clues and linguistic means; • understand the basic ideas and recognize general / specific information from audio and video sources in typical situations related to education and future specialty; • determine the purpose and / or opinion of the speaker / author in longer simple authentic texts on typical topics related to learning / future specialty.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: The level of knowledge B1 Corequisites: foreign Language.
Summary of the subject: Summary of the discipline: Research methods. Research ethics. Academic integrity. Culture of professional communication. Social interaction. Social control. Social institutions. Self-identification. Noting specific information, exchanging information, writing a brief description. exchanging technical information, sequencing instructions. : reading diagrams, ignoring irrelevant info, describing a process; describing functions, comparing and contrasting. : exchanging technical information. Applications programs: exchanging technical information, making recommendations. Networks: providing explanations, describing advantages and disadvantages (developing skimming and scanning skills: extracting main and detailed information. Distinguishing between factual/non-factual, important/ less important. Listening for main and detailed information).
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: listening, monologic and dialogic speech, reading, writing. Final control: exam 55. . The distribution of points according to a 100-point scale Current control (CC) Total for the discipline 100 Classroom work 45 Listening 5 Reading 5 Speaking 5 Writing 5 Individual written task 5 Exercises from textbooks. 5 Lexical and grammatical tests in Virtual Educational Environment (VEE) 5 Extracurricular reading. 5 Educational and special professional vocabulary. 5 Maximum: 100
Recommended books: Німецька мова ЛІТЕРАТУРА: 1. Netzwerk. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. (A1, A2) / Stefanie Dengler, Paul Rusch, Helen Schmitz, Tanja Sieber. – Munchen: Klett-Langenscheidt Verlag, 2018. - 168 c. 2. Sicher Aktuell. Deutsch als Fremdsprache. (B1,B2) / Michaela Perlmann-Balme, Susanne Schwalb, Magdalena Matussek. – Muncehn: Hueber Verlag, 2019. – 118 c. ФРАНЦУЗЬКА МОВА ЛІТЕРАТУРА: 1. Mes pas vers la France. Мої кроки до Франції: підручник з французької мови для розвитку розмовних навичок (В1, В2) / М.І.Бабкіна, О.С.Білик, М.З.Джура, І.М.Ключковська, Б.Г.Кушка; за ред. І.М.Ключковської. – Львів: ВД “Панорама”, 2017. – 252 c. 2. Бабкіна М.І. Збірник граматичних завдань з французької мови: Навчальний посібник для студентів вищих технічних навчальних закладів / М.І.Бабкіна. – 3-тє вид., переробл. і доповн. Львів: – ЗУКЦ, 2015. – 260 с. 3. Бабкіна М.І. Ділова кореспонденція: Навчальний посібник з французької мови для студентів вищих технічний навчальних закладів / М.І. Бабкіна. – Львів: ЗУКЦ, ПП НВФ БІАРП, 2012. – 152 с. 4. Parizet M.-L. DELF B2 : 200 exercices / Marie-Louise Parizet. – CLE international, 2013. – 192 p. 5. Бабкіна М.І. Електронний навчально-методичний комплекс “Збірник граматичних завдань з французької мови”. – Адреса розміщення: http: // / modle / course / view.php?id=10768.