Railway traffic analysis and forecasting: the case of Ciampino (Italy)

Students Name: Podorozhnyi Marian Ivanovych
Qualification Level: master (ESP)
Speciality: Smart transport and logistics for cities
Institute: Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport
Mode of Study: full
Academic Year: 2019-2020 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: A number of calls have been broken up on the public passenger transport to improve the productivity of practice, a lot of methods and models for forecasting and reducing the quality, comfort and triviality of transport for passengers have been broken up. Already, to improve productivity and reduce problems, including the traffic on the route, such as planning to chilin, it is necessary: ??to develop the system and the model of the prorachuny of pardon before the real hour and which is programmed for the skin. Satisfied with a lot of factors, as you can change the hour of arrival at the station; At the end of the day, the master’s robot had an hour to go to the Chiampino railway station, the Latsio provinces, which was organized for three new turns and to repair from the main station near Rome, the Termini station. All the tributes about the journey, as they passed through the pre-juvenile station, took an hour to get rid of the initial practice at the Tor Vergata University (Italy).