Telegram-channels as a Tool for Influencing Public Opinion Formation (on the Example of Ukraine and Russia)

Students Name: Vorobets Yuliia Mykhailivna
Qualification Level: master (ESP)
Speciality: International Information
Institute: Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences
Mode of Study: full
Academic Year: 2019-2020 н.р.
Language of Defence: ukrainian
Abstract: The paper presents the theoretical and methodological component of the concept of «public opinion», taking into account the conditions of globalization. An important focus of the study is the use of social media to influence public opinion. The main ways, techniques, communication strategies and tools used in social networks in order to have a psychological impact on the public are studied. The phenomenon of Telegram is outlined as a new means of influencing the formation of public opinion on the example of Ukraine and Russia. An overview of the audience of users of Telegram channels is provided and channels covering the field of politics and news are described. The characteristics of the functions of using Telegram channels are described, with the help of content analysis and the use of elements of manipulative influence in the provided publications is investigated. Also, the connection of the Ukrainian segment with Russian propaganda is traced. An applied analysis of ways to promote this platform in Russia and Ukraine is performed. Conclusions are formulated and provided an alternative approach to solving the minimization of the consequences of the use of this tool in the formation of public opinion and its impact on the course of international relations. Key words: Telegram, Telegram-channels, Ukraine, Russia, formation of public opinion, manipulative influence, misinformation.