Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.M.34
Credits: 3.00
Department: Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management
Lecturer: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Popovych Olena
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • the causes and consequences of local, regional, global environmental crisіs; • ecological problems of Ukraine and prospects of their solution; • the role of the interrelationships of all natural processes and phenomena; •the sources of anthropogenic impact on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere; •ways to reduce the introduction of pollutants into the environment.
Required prior and related subjects: - Life safety; - Environmental economics;
Summary of the subject: Basic provisions of modern ecology. General laws of development of biosphere. The types of environmental pollution by industrial production. The impact of factors on human health. Ways to combat industrial pollution. Utilization of solid industrial and household wastes. Types of environmental standards. Types of environmental control in Ukraine.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Current control, oral examination, reference work (40%) • Final Examination (control measure, differentiated test): written-oral form (60%).
Recommended books: 1. Запольський А.К., Салюк А.І. Основи екології: Підручник /За ред. К.М.Ситника. – К.: Вища шк., 2001. – 358 с.: іл. 2. Кучерявий В.П. Екологія. // Львів:Світ. –2000. –499 с. 3. Г.О.Білявський, Л.І.Бутченко, Навроцький. Основи екології: теорія та практикум // К.: Лібра, 2004. – 368 с. 4. Дячок В.В., Попович О.Р., Захарко Я.М. Основи екології .// Друкарня академії сухопутних військ ім. гетьмана П. Сагайдачного, 2008.