Basics of Designing and Restoration

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.1
Credits: 8.00
Department: Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage
Lecturer: PhD.Arch. Bokalo Ihor
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: "Fundamentals of design and restoration" is students master the basics of design and restoration. As a result of studying the discipline, the specialist must have the basics of design, be able to read drawings of varying complexity and make drawings of architectural elements at different scales, design them according to the rules; master a special conceptual and terminological apparatus; perform sketches, sketches, dimensional drawings. The course also aims to provide students with knowledge about current issues of preservation of monuments of art and architecture, as well as the theoretical foundations and methodology of restoration work on monuments and familiarize students with the composition of restoration documentation. (Objects of restoration works can be monuments of art, architecture, history, archeology, elements and objects of valuable historical environment of various kinds (from landscape and park, architectural to decorative elements of buildings and interiors)). This goal is achieved by consistently teaching a theoretical course with parallel practical classes
Required prior and related subjects: Prequisite: History of Decorative Arts, Drawing, Painting, Fundamentals of Composition, Fundamentals of Sculpture. Co-requisites: History of restoration by profession, History of art and architecture, historical techniques and technologies of stone processing
Summary of the subject: "Fundamentals of design and restoration" is based on logic interrelated sections that correlate with the methodology of the real research and design process in the restoration of architectural monuments and works of art. The study of the discipline is a consistent teaching of a theoretical course with parallel practical classes in conditions close to real design (full-scale survey of the object, analysis of its compositional features, graphic models in different projections), with parallel development of drawing techniques and study of historical architectural forms .
Assessment methods and criteria: Protection of practical works - 20%. Written and oral control - 10% Exam: written component (30%) practical component (40%)
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