Special Chemistry

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.14
Credits: 3.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Silicate Materials
Lecturer: prof. Lutsyuk Iryna Volodymyrivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge of the basics of theory in the field of protection and restoration of cultural heritage. 2. Knowledge of methods of analysis and processing of information from various sources. 3. Knowledge of the stages of research of a work of art, the content and procedure for their use. 4. Knowledge of the content of design and reporting documentation for the restoration of a work of art. 5. Perform chemical and technological research of works of art. 6. Be able to practically perform the restoration of works of art, and critically evaluate the results of activities and argue for the decisions made. 7. Ability to examine the work of art and develop recommendations for further preservation of the monument. 8. Ability to use a variety of methods, including modern information technology, for effective communication at the professional and social levels. 9. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the basic environmental principles of occupational safety and health and their application.
Required prior and related subjects: Special biology. Petrography and applied materials science of natural stone. Physical and colloid chemistry.
Summary of the subject: Basic concepts of chemistry. Classification of substances. Basic laws of chemistry. The composition of materials and methods of its presentation. The main classes of inorganic compounds. Chemical reagents. Solutions, characteristics of solutions and ways of expressing their composition. Classification of operating environments. Characteristics of gaseous, liquid, solid aggressive media. Durability problems and protection of stone materials from corrosion. Classification of facing stone by durability. Structural and physico-chemical means of protection of natural stone materials from corrosion. Choice of chemical-technological processes and materials for restoration works. Polymers in restoration: synthetic and natural.
Assessment methods and criteria: written reports on laboratory work, oral examination, control work (40%); final control (test), written-oral form (60%)
Recommended books: 1. Nykytyn M. K. Khymyia v restavratsyy : Sprav. yzd. / M. K. Nykytyn, E. P. Melnykova. – L. : Khymyia, 1990. – 304 s. 2. Malyn V. Y. Naruzhnaia y vnutrenniaia oblytsovka zdanyi pryrodnыm kamnem / V. Y. Malyn, V. N. Dame-Vulfson. – M. : Vыssh. shk., 1991. – 304 s. 3. Romanova N. V. Zahalna ta neorhanichna khimiia / N. V. Romanova. – K.-Irpin : Perun, 1998. – 480 s. 4. Kozak S. I. Khimichni osnovy korozii konstruktsiinykh materialiv / S. I. Kozak, M. V. Nykypanchuk, M. H. Kotur, V. V. Hryhorash. – Lviv : Liha-Pres, 2001. – 240 s. 5. Osnovы analytycheskoi khymyy : V 2 kn. Kn. 2 : Metodi khymycheskoho analyza : Ucheb. dlia vuzov / [Iu. A. Zolotov, E. N. Dorokhova, V. Y. Fedeeva y dr.]; Pod red. Yu. A. Zolotova. – 3-e yzd. – M. : Vыsshaia shkola, 2004. – 503 s.