Basics of Technological Process of Making Shapes

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.M.69
Credits: 6.00
Department: Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage
Lecturer: Melnyk V. A.
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • be able to determine what types of forms need to be executed for models of architectural details of various complexity; • be able to perform various types of forms; • learn how to select and use the necessary tools for performing forms; • be able to compile an algorithm for the execution of forms of an architectural detail, and systematically and consistently execute it. • learn and master modern knowledge; • apply knowledge in practical situations; • knowledge and understanding of the subject area and understanding of professional activity; • the ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources, make informed decisions and solve the tasks. • the ability to apply basic knowledge to characterize the materials of architectural monuments and substances used during their operation and during their restoration; • apply research methods to the characterization of architectural monuments made of stone.
Required prior and related subjects: Restoration of stone sculpture, part 1 The basics of sculpture, part 6 Figure, part 6
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Fundamentals of the technological process of making molds" is based on the study of types of molds and their execution techniques, solving problems related to the formation of an architectural detail, selection of tools and methods of reproduction and production of copies of an architectural detail, development of a molding algorithm, etc. The study of the discipline takes place by the method of sequential teaching of the material in the form of thematic blocks, which are revealed during practical work on the assigned task.
Assessment methods and criteria: During the semester, a student can score 100 points, of which: • 30 points during the survey on the topic of the lectures; • 30 points for making a plaster mold; • 40 points for the performance of an individual research task (abstract).
Recommended books: 1. Voloshinets V.A., Bevs M.V. Restorative materials science. Lviv. 2017. – 128 p. 2. Melnyk V.A. Production of relief from artificial stone. Methodical instructions for program tasks on the subject "Restoration of sculpture and architectural details from stone" for students of the educational and qualification level - "Bachelor", specialty 6.02020601 "Restoration of works of art". Lviv 2015. 3. Melnyk V.A., Stasyuk O.S. Restoration of architectural details and works of art from plaster. Methodical instructions for program tasks on the subject "Restoration project" for students of the educational and qualification level - "Bachelor" specialty 6.02020601 "Restoration of works of art". Publication of Lviv Polytechnic University, Lviv: 2017. 5.L.V. Prybieha Methods of protection and restoration of monuments of folk architecture of Ukraine. - Kyiv, 1997. - 143 p.