Architectural Design Practicum

Major: Restoration of Monuments of Architecture and Town Planning and Reconstruction of Architectural Objects
Code of subject: 7.191.04.O.6
Credits: 1.50
Department: Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage
Lecturer: docent Dubyk Yurij, docent Phd inz. Demkiv Myron
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: • perform architectural models of urban historical complexes; • perform models based on restoration and renovation projects of ensembles of architectural monuments; • to defend the adopted project decisions at the meetings of advisory, scientific-methodical, town-planning councils of state and local monument-protection institutions. The study of the discipline involves the formation and development of students' competencies: general: • learn, perceive the acquired knowledge in the subject area and integrate them with existing ones; • ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources, make informed decisions and solve problems; • produce new ideas, show creativity and the ability to think systematically; • ability to work independently and in a team, ability to motivate people and move towards a common goal. Professional: • basic knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning, necessary for the development of professionally-oriented disciplines; • competence in working with ensembles of architectural monuments and urban planning within their protection zones; • competence in modern concepts of the use of ensemble monuments; • knowledge of basic regulations and reference materials, current standards and specifications, instructions and other regulations in the field of architecture and urban planning; • competence to perform architectural and town-planning documentation of objects of architecture and town-planning, ability to professionally present the project, to report on the essence of the project and to be its opponent, to make the review, to explain separate provisions of the project at public hearings of various levels and town-planning councils; • ability to understand and take into account social, environmental, ethical, economic aspects that affect the formation of current and future solutions in the implementation of architectural and urban planning and restoration projects; • knowledge of the basics of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire safety in the organization of architectural and urban planning activities;
Required prior and related subjects: Prequisite: Renovation of buildings, Modern concepts and innovations in architecture and urban planning (KP) Co-requisite: Comprehensive research of architectural and urban planning object, Methods of scientific research.
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Workshop on Architectural Design" is additional to the course project "Modern concepts and innovations in architecture and urban planning KP" and is designed to supplement the course project with an architectural model (layout of the project proposal in a historically formed environment)
Assessment methods and criteria: - written (graphic) component (90%); - oral component, work protection (10%).
Recommended books: Educational and methodical support: 1.Metody`ka restavraciyi pam'yatok arxitektury` / Pid red. M.Fexnera. 2.Pry`byega L.V. Kam'yane zodchestvo Ukrayiny`. Oxorona ta restavraciya. – K., 1993. 3.Doly`ns`ka M.L. Osnovni grupy` dzherel ta yixnij arxivny`j poshuk (grafichni dzherela): Metody`chni vkazivky`. / NU “L`vivs`ka politexnika”. – L`viv, 2003. Recommended Books Basic 1. V.Sichy`ns`ky`j. Istoriya ukrayins`koyi arxitektury`. Arxitektura. NTSh v Amery`ci. Nyu-Jork. 1956. 2.V. Sichy`ns`ky`j. Pam`yatky` ukrayins`koyi arxitektury`. I. Filadel`fiya. 1952. 3.Vechers`ky`j V.V.,. Spadshhy`na mistobuduvannya Ukrayiny`. Ky`yiv: NDITIAM. 2003 4.Pry`byega L.V.,. Istory`chni arealy` poselen`: sutnist` ta metodologichni zasady` oxorony`. Ukrayins`ka akademiya my`stecztva. Vy`p. 8., 2001, s. 113-130. 5.Pry`byega L.V.,. Oxorona ta restavraciya ob'yektiv arxitekturno-mistobudivnoyi spadshhy`ny` Ukrayiny`: metodologichny`j aspekt. 2009 6.Doly`ns`ka M.L. Lokalizaciya l`vivs`koyi istory`chnoyi zabudovy` na stadiyi peredproektny`x doslidzhen`: Metody`chni vkazivky`. / NU “L`vivs`ka politexnika”. – L`viv, 2001. 7.Ignacy Drexler. Odbudowanie wsi i miast na ziemi naszej. Wydawnictwo zakladu nar. im. Ossolinskich. Lwow - Warszawa - Krakow – 1921/ 8.Borusiewicz W. Konserwacja zabytkow budownictwa murowanego. – Warszawa, 1985. 9.Malachowicz E. Konserwacja i rewaloryzacja architektury w zespolach I krajobrazie – Wroclaw, 1994 Supporting literature 1.Doly`ns`ka M.L. Osnovni grupy` dzherel ta yixnij arxivny`j poshuk (kartografichni dzherela): Metody`chni vkazivky`. / NU “L`vivs`ka politexnika”. – L`viv, 1999. 2.Volody`my`r Vujcy`k. LEOPOLITANA . /VNTL-Klasy`ka.- L`viv. 2012. 3.Volody`my`r Vujcy`k. LEOPOLITANA 2. /VNTL-Klasy`ka.- L`viv. 2013