Role of Religion in Modern Society

Major: Restoration of Monuments of Architecture and Town Planning and Reconstruction of Architectural Objects
Code of subject: 7.191.04.M.15
Credits: 3.00
Department: Philosophy
Lecturer: PhD, Associate professor, Andrii Kadykalo
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: giving to students objective and currently information about research of begin and functions religion as a special form of worldview; demonstrate for students actual research about influence of religion on history, society and human A student completing the module should know: - psyhical, social and historical reasons of religion’s appears; - differences between variety religion’s points of view and those influence on modern politics and social process; - about confessional situation in Ukraine on the beginning of XXI century and possible ways for solution of religion conflicts; A student completing the module should be able to: - compare causes which determine character and effects of variety religion; - analyze the influence of religion agent on social reality of different ethnos, nations and countries; - create skills which help to be able to practically adjust religion conflicts on foundation of laws, freedom of conscience; - see the difference between political and religion causes which form actual religion World’s map and International politics.
Required prior and related subjects: History of World and Ukrainian Culture, Philosophy, Political Studies.
Summary of the subject: The Problem of Belief in Actual Society. Religion as Cultural System and Educational System. Which Kinds of Religion is Popular Today? The Religion’s Position in the Actual Society and Its External and Internal Status. Religion and the Religious Mind: New Indicate and Trends.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (40%): interrogation, control work, test, reports - Test (60%).
Recommended books: 1. Kadykalo A. Stanovyshche relihii v suchasnomu informatiinomu suspilstvi, ii vnutrishniy ta zovnishniy stany. – Lviv, 2013. 2. Karivets I., Kadykalo A. Funktsionuvannya i rozvutok religii ta relihiynoyi svidomosti: novi tendentsii. – Lviv, 2014. 3. Relihiieznavstvo. Navch. Posibnyk / Za red. I.Surmay – Lviv, 2004. 4. Chernii A. Relihiieznavstvo. Posibnyk. – Kyiv, 2003.