Telecommunication Systems and Networks Design

Major: Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
Code of subject: 7.172.00.O.2
Credits: 5.00
Department: Telecommunication
Lecturer: prof. Markiyan Pavlykevych
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • the skill of formulating the technical task for telecommunication network project based on customer’s requirements and need analysis; • the ability to plan telecommunication network’s logical structure; • the knowledge of modern network technologies and the ability to select the applicable technology type or the stack of technologies to achieve the project’s goal; • the knowledge of current national and international standards’ demands, which regulate or restrict the applicable project solutions, and the ability to use them in planning and designing of telecommunication network; • the ability to plan telecommunication network’s physical structure on the basis of predefined logical structure and to formulate it’s components technical demands; • the possession of network equipment’s main technical characteristics and parameters and the ability to manipulate them for reasonable selection of network equipment during network designing; • the possession of main calculation methodologies, necessary in telecommunication networks planning and designing.
Required prior and related subjects: • Mobile communication networks’ technologies; • Designing theory and protocols of information and communication networks; • Designing and protocols of heterogeneous mobile communication networks.
Summary of the subject: Methodology and process of network planning and designing. Ethernet networks planning and designing. Current Ethernet standards and technologies. Ethernet transmission media. Local Ethernet networks planning and designing in office and industrial environments. User access Ethernet networks planning and designing. Wired and optical cable systems throughput calculation. Wireless networks planning and designing. Planning and designing of IP networks and virtual private networks (VPN).
Assessment methods and criteria: • written reports on laboratory work, individual tasks, oral questioning (44%), • total control (56 %, assessment event, exam): written-oral form.
Recommended books: Павликевич М.Й, Гуськов П.О. Планування і проектування телекомунікаційних мереж. 1. Розрахунки у проектуванні кабельних мереж Ethernet. - Львів, 2015. - 408 с. .