Security Alarm Devices and Systems

Major: Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
Code of subject: 7.172.03.O.53
Credits: 3.00
Department: Radioelectronic Appliances and Systems
Lecturer: PhD As. Prof. Volodymyr Storozh
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: must: - to learn conception of the complex providing of safety of objects of a different category with the use of guarding devices and systems; - to know principles of construction and functioning of facilities of discovery, that is used in the guarding devices and systems, their advantages and disadvantages; - be able to carry out the choice of optimum variant of construction of the system of guarding with the use of facilities of discovery, that are based on different physical principles
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines: Fundamentals of the theory of radio technical systems, Analog electronic devices; Associated and following academic disciplines: Design of radio technical systems, Information display and recording systems and devices.
Summary of the subject: Conception of providing of safety of objects. Categories of objects. Model of violator. Classification, physical principles of construction and basic characteristics of means of discovery and their application in the guarding devices and systems. Combining of means of discovery for the improvement of technical charcteristics on the basis of simultaneous processing of informative signals.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control - 30; Credit control: Control work – 70.
Recommended books: Magauenov R. G. Alarm systems: basic theory and principles of construction: textbook / R. G. Magauenov. – M .: Goryachaya liniya – Telecom, 2004. - 367 p. • Harasymchuk O. I., Dudykevych V. B., Romaka V. A. Complex systems of authorized access : textbook / O. I. Harasymchuk, V. B. Dudykevych, V. A. Romaka; Nat. university "Lviv Polytechnic".- Lviv: Vyd. Lviv. Polytechnic, 2010.- 212 p. • Jackson R. G. The Newest Sensors / R. G. Jackson ; ed. V. V. Luchynyna ; [transl. from English]. – M.: Technosphere, 2007. – 384 p.