Technological Bases of Micro- and Nanosystem Technique

Major: Micro and Nanosystems of the Internet of Things
Code of subject: 6.153.03.O.024
Credits: 4.00
Department: Semiconductor Electronics
Lecturer: Dr.Sci.Khoverko Yuriy
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: is the study by students of the technological bases of the production of materials for semiconductor electronics, the main technological processes of separation and purification of materials, and their technological processes of synthesis.
Завдання: The study of an academic discipline involves the formation and development of students' competencies: General: • basic knowledge of fundamental sciences, to the extent necessary for mastering general professional disciplines; • basic knowledge in the field of micro- and nanosystem engineering, necessary for mastering professionally oriented disciplines;; • the ability to solve tasks and make appropriate decisions • ability to analyze and synthesize; • ability to apply knowledge in practice; • the ability to search and analyze information from various sources; • have research skills; • . the ability to work both individually and in a team; Specialists: • basic knowledge of the main regulatory and legal acts and reference materials, current standards and technical conditions, instructions and other regulatory documents in the field of "Automation and instrumentation."; • the ability to use knowledge and skills for research, selection, implementation, repair, and design of devices and devices of micro- and nanosystem technology and their components; • the ability to develop methods of assessing the quality of materials of micro- and nanosystem equipment, methods of testing devices and devices, metrological verification systems; • the ability to argue the choice of methods for solving specialized problems, critically evaluate the obtained results and defend the decisions made
Learning outcomes: Mastering: theoretical foundations of methods and technological schemes for growing semiconductor materials; main technological processes and methods of calculating the main technological parameters; methods of calculating technological process parameters; methods of calculating the parameters of monocrystalline crystals; technological route of cleaning and separation of semiconductor materials; analysis of physico-chemical processes occurring during the production of basic semiconductor materials; selection of semiconductor materials, and substantiation of the technological route of manufacturing a certain semiconductor material with specified properties; calculation of modes of technological processes of production of poly and single crystals.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines Physics Modeling of electronic components and devices Associated and subsequent academic disciplines Fundamentals of micro- and nanotechnologies Nanostructures Management of the structure and properties of semiconductor materials and devices, part 2
Summary of the subject: The educational discipline "Technological foundations of micro- and nanosystem engineering" is designed for students of the Institute of Telecommunications, Radio Electronics and Electronic Engineering, who are studying in specialty 176 "Micro- and nanosystem engineering of the Internet of Things" in the field of "Electronics". The course consists of 30 lecture hours, 15 hours of practical work, and 30 hours of laboratory work in the IV semester. The lecture course covers seven chapters, in which the physical foundations and technological methods of growing and cleaning semiconductor materials are outlined, which is the basis for the further production of integrated circuits in the volume or on the surface of crystal substrates. The main directions of development of modern promising nanotechnologies for obtaining model objects of single crystals are considered
Опис: General characteristics of the purity of the substance Basics of materials separation and purification processes. The technology of obtaining polycrystalline semiconductor materials. Basic processes of heterogeneous chemical-technological systems Physico-chemical bases of hardening processes. Technology of obtaining single crystals of semiconductor and dielectric materials.
Assessment methods and criteria: Assessment, control work, oral defense of the written component
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Current control (30%), credit control (70%)
Recommended books: Kurylo I.V., Guba S.K. Basics of technology of semiconductor materials. Study guide// Lviv: Publishing House of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". - 2012. - 240 p. Khoverko Yu.M. Technological foundations of micro- and nanosystem engineering electronic educational and methodological complex for students of specialty 176 "Micro- and nanosystem engineering". –